Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"The Abduction" by Hayley
It was a month and a half until Michaela and Sully's wedding, but the plans had temporally
been put aside. There had been many attacks on villagers by the Dog Soldiers. Michaela and
Sully had been rallying around doing all they could to help the people who had been attacked.
But also helping the Indians would land Michaela in more trouble than she could
ever expect. Will Sully be able to get to her in time?

"After Daniel" by Linda B
While Sully is away on a cattle drive, his friend Daniel is staying at the homestead and
seems to be getting attached to Michaela. Meanwhile, Preston threatens to fore close on
Sully and Michaela's mortgage resulting in Daniel paying it off. When Sully arrives
back at the homestead and finds Michaela in Daniel's arms, how will Sully react to
all that has happened?

"After Katherine" by Cheryl Pimental
Michaela continues to avoid Sully after Katherine leaves for Baltimore. Sully is angry by
this and decides to leave Colorado Springs. Will Michaela search for him, or try to continue
her life without him?

"After Portraits" by Cheryl Pimental
Michaela helps plan a town party, but Sully feels she would rather be with Hank!! Who can
Sully turn to to help him win the love of his life?

"After Sully's Choice" by Cheryl Pimental
After Dr. Mike returns home, Sully tells her he was shot and then saved by the town.
Dr. Mike realizes how easily her return home could have been very different. She then
realizes, and begins to accept and understand, the depth of her feelings for this man...

"All Hearts Lead to Home" by Megan JP
Life had led them all in different directions. But their hearts longing to be home will
become to great and they must follow their hearts to the place they all call 'home'. But
on the journey back home they will suffer great sadness, and they all must find the
strength to carry on and find their way back home to their loved ones.

"All These Years" by Megan JP
Michaela and her family go to Boston to visit her family. While at her old home she finds
a diary that her father kept collecting dust in his desk. She reads it and finds out things
she never knew about her father. She also remembers her childhood and teenage years
and she dreams of what the future might hold for her and her family.

"The Anguished Heart" by Diane Schlichting
All is well for Michaela and Sully until a train wreck brings a pregnant Dr. Quinn to
help the wounded in the middle of the night. The exertion is too much for her and she
goes into labor, delivering a stillborn baby. Now Michaela must find a way to get
through her pain.

"Almost Lover" by dqmwartist
Sully returns home to Colorado Springs feeling as if he has lost Michaela to the likes of
William Burke. He finds it hard to say in familiar surroundings without bringing up
memories of her. Soon after arriving home he decides to journey away from Colorado
Springs with his faithful companion by his side. Michaela becomes anxious to return to
home to Sully wanting to give him her declaration of the love she has felt for some time
now. She longs to see him upon her return, but to her dismay all she is left is a
handwritten note. Devastated, Michaela tries to deal with her grieve while her children
worry about their Ma and the man she loves. Will Sully and Michaela be able to find
happiness again? Or will the forces of nature and their bond bring them back
together again? All remains to be told in this emotional fic.

"Anticipation" by Pam Hunter
Part 1 of the Wedding Trilogy

"Another Touch of Nature" by Susan L. Leidy
A continuation of the episode where Michaela tells Sully she's pregnant "One Touch of
Nature". At the reservation for Thanksgiving, Michaela and Sully tell Cloud Dancing the
good news and then the couple find some time to talk alone.

"The Arms of Love" by Becky H
Sully returns to town and gets to know Katie again, finds himself in a precarious situation
with Hank and Jake, and discovers he may once again be the only one to help his wife
when labor suddenly strikes four weeks early.

"Ashes and Embers" by Ashley J
When everything Michaela and Sully know and love and have created in their new life
together is threatened by a violent storm, will they be able to overcome the aftermath?

"The Appointment" by Ashley J
A modern Michaela and Sully enjoy some time together after Sully returns from a
trip to Denver. They are in for a big surprise the next day during an appointment
with Dr. Bernard!

"After the Rain" by Gypsy

"At Peace" by B. Dodge
A hailstorm brings Michaela and Sully closer shortly after the Reverend proposed and
Michaela contemplated adopting the orphans.

"At the Window" by Annie
Sully is stuck somewhere in a blizzard and Michaela awaits him at the window...

"All Hearts Lead to Home" by Helen Taylor
(Sequel to "Forever I Do")
Andrew becomes very ill in St Louis, and some decisions have to be made about
whether Colleen, Andrew and their children should return to live in Colorado Springs
with the entire Sully/Quinn clan.

"Avalanche!" by Diane Schlichting
An avalanche buries Michaela and Sully must save her, but will she recover
from hypothermia once she does get out?

"All Yours" by dqmwartist
Written in 2011 for a Picture Challenge on the DQ Forum. Takes place during the
Boston Episode, Where the Heart is & I believe the night after the party for Mrs. Quinn.

"All That's Needed" by Amber Stockton
It is a month before their wedding, and Michaela and Sully can't wait to be
married...and can't seem to get enough of one another! Will a sudden storm
ruin their future plans?

"Against the Tide" by Deborah Melendez
After testifying at the court martial of Major Samuel Morrison, Sully ends up on
the run again, accused of the murder of Sergeant Terrence McKay.

"After the Baby" by SL Snyder
Michaela and Sully spend a morning expressing their love for one another, a love
that has only grown now that they've created a very special child.

"The Alcove" by SL Snyder
A surprise for Michaela.

"Alone Together" by SL Snyder
Michaela spends time alone with Sully at the cave, while he is in hiding.

"An Accident?" by SL Snyder
Hank shoots Daniel, as does an outlaw.

"A Little Chat" by Bratling
This is what I think we should have seen in "A New Beginning,"
 and it is the beginning of undoing the wedding.

"A Father's Blessing" by The River Watcher
This piece explores what would happen if Joseph Quinn really was alive and came
to visit Michaela and her family in Colorado Springs. How would he react to all the
changes that have occured in his daughter's life? Set after series finale.

"Abduction Aftermath" by Viv
(work in progress)
Abduction Aftermath follows directly on from the final cliff scene in "The Abduction,"
with a very different ending; Michaela is recaptured by the dog soldiers, and must fight
for her survival until she is rescued.

"Aftermath" by Debby K
Sully is haunted by a vivid dream involving Cloud Dancing, Michaela and
blood. A return of his headaches foretells danger for someone he loves.

"Anniversary" by Debby K
(Prequel to "The Heart Within")
Sully invites Michaela to steal away for a romantic trip to Denver,
but one event after another deters her. The impending graduation of
Colleen from Harvard is discussed and plans are made.

"As the Eye Can See" by Debby K
It is New Year's Eve, and preparations are being made for a party at the Chateau. Sully and Michaela plan to welcome in the New Year with a romantic evening. Michaela moves ahead
with plans for the hospital and a special gift to her husband. Grace and Robert E have a
difficult time seeing eye to eye. Cloud Dancing and Dorothy take a trip. Loren's prejudice
may hurt his growing friendship with Bridget. Matthew, Sully and Hank go in search of a missing man, and Brian feels the pangs of a complicated, unrequited love.

"All Human Songs" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully struggle to calm the rising tensions between Brian
and Matthew. As Sully begins work on the expansion of the homestead, he is
skeptical about the arrival of the Army to supervise the new school for
Indians. Meanwhile, Michaela provides medical treatment to Helen Hunt
Jackson, who is inspired by the courage and actions of Cloud Dancing and
Dorothy. Someone from Matthew's past returns and complicates his life,
as Brian's troubled emotions lead him to go on a vision quest.

"Alights on the Cloud" by Debby K
This Christmas story brings closure to the year 1881, a year of many trials
and traumas for Michaela and Sully. It also sets the stage for new adventures involving
the Sullys, Colleen and Brian as they look forward to a new year.

"The Army Kittens" by SoldierBlue
 (June 1873)
With Sully's help, McKay tries to stop a band of raiders from terrorising the inhabitants
of a small mining settlement at Windy Creek, and befriends a lady farmer, Alison. Fort
Lafayette is established in the mountains close to Colorado Springs, amid the
diffidence of the townsfolk. Adventure and romance.

"All God's Children" by SoldierBlue
 (September 1873)
A closer look at that day of September, as the Reverend
tries to sort out the situation... Good feelings.

"About a Boy" by Ane
Both Sully and Brian have to put up with a little teasing. How much is too much?

"All of Life's Rewards and Unexpected Surprises" by Elizabeth
Doctors Colleen and Andrew Cook are off to a wonderful start as they return
to Colorado Springs, until Ethan Cooper tries to spoil it for them.

"After Boston" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "A Boston Affair")
As Michaela and Sully set out for Colorado Springs, Michaela must learn to deal with her
position in society when she reaches the frontier town.

"After the Dance" by Ashley J
Taking place after the Season 2 episode Best Friends, Michaela and Sully discuss the
lady doctor's fears and insecurities about their blossoming courtship.

"Already There" by Ashley J
Sully is forced to leave home. Michaela must cope with raising
their family alone until he returns.

"August Heat" by Ashley J
Michaela and Sully celebrate their three month anniversary.

"Across the Stars" by Ashley J
A recurring nightmare causes Byron Sully to set out in search of the best friend he hasn't
seen in years. Willthey be able to pass the test of time and separation?

"After Washington" by Elizaellen
This story takes place immediately following A Washington Affair.

"Afternoon Lovers" by Elizaellen
Originally written for the Quote Challenge and now expanded with some
continued enthusiasm. Sully and Michaela share an afternoon at the clinic.

"All I Want for Christmas" by Elizaellen
(Sequel to "A New Blessing")
Michaela has a surprise for the family but no one is very excited about it.
When she finds out how everyone feels, will Christmas be ruined for her?

"Afternoon Reverie"
by Soulmates1867

"April Picture Challenge" by Mullerakanat
A short story for the April picture challenge regarding Michaela and Sully's romance.

"Always Something" by Linda4Him59 and Just Maritza
This is a funny little ditty, written in mid 2010. It's all about one crazy, zany night in the lives
of our favorite couple as they try to enjoy a little marital fun. It's not raunchy.

"Andrew's Past" by Sarah M
Andrew's past and present collide when the children he thought had died are
brought to live with him. Andrew faces the fear that their mother may be alive
as well. Will Colleen accept his past and help him cope?

"Always There" by SK Sylvester
A story from Hannah's point of view.