Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Beaneath the Shadow of the Moon" by Diane Schlichting
Sully and Michaela must resort to desperate and deadly measures in order
 to get their daughter back from the renegades.

"The Best of Times, the Worst of Times" by Megan JP
Michaela and Sully relive the happy and sad times of their lives and
find the special meaning of new life.

"Between Lovers" by Gail Gammell
Sully has just returned from work. Would Michaela really rather
bake for Daniel than "say hello" to her husband?

"The Birthday Gift" by Heather B
Michaela and Sully are overcome with emotion after their first kiss.

"The Burden of Guilt" by Lori Martin
(Sequel to "A Dark Secret")
Michaela and Sully must come to terms with the changes
in their lives and their relationship.

"Blackmail" by Rebecca Burkhart
A mysterious man from Michaela's past arrives in town. Will he drive
her away from Sully and out of Colorado Springs  with his blackmail?

"The Blind Can See" by Janine D
Michaela falls from her horse and becomes blind. Sully as to show her he'll love her
no matter what and that he still wants to marry her. David Lewis comes to town to
perform an operation on Michaela to help her regain her sight. The operation is
successful and Michaela comes to realise just how much Sully really loves her.

"The Brave Mouse" by Anna Shepelev
Michaela goes to Boston to operate on her niece, while Katie and
Sully share an adventure in Wyoming.

"Back of my Memories" by dqmwartist
(Heart Song Trilogy 2)
Michaela worries over how to tell her mother she is engaged to Sully and what her
reaction might be. Only to receive shocking news that rocks her foundation.

"Blood Ties" by Becky H
A quiet old man named William Sully comes to Colorado Springs claiming to be Sully's
father. If his story is true, the past Sully thought he knew could be destroyed. When
Byron is seriously injured under William's care, everything comes crashing down.
"The Betrayal" by Amy Grossman
Wallace Jones arrives in Colorado Springs one early spring morning with two diseases.
One being of health and for the need of a doctor. The other, a hatred that burns deep in
his gut, a need for control, for greed and money. The only doctor is Michaela Quinn
and he befriends her. She accepts his friendship and for a little while things are normal.
But greed can come across your vision and snatch everything away. Wallace turns on
Michaela and the only one who can save her is her fiancée, Sully, who has been uneasy
about Wallace's arrival from the start. Can Sully save Michaela before Wallace's
hatred and greed consumes him?

"Broken Reins" by Melissa
Years ago Michaela Quinn was given some important advice on raising a teenage daughter.
When Michaela and Sully disapprove of Katie's new dreams for the future, she will learn
exactly how true her friend's past words can be. Join Katherine Sully on an exciting and
frightening ride as she tries to decide who she is and who she aims to be.

"Break My Fears" by dqmwartist
Colleen struggles with the trauma of the night Tom broke into the cabin holding her
captive briefly and scaring everyone. This fic explores what we didn't see in her healing
process. Authors Note: Takes place after Colleen's final meltdown and before she sees
Tom at Loren's in "Life and Death."

"Bad Water, A New Twist" by LynnEGib
What if Clay Harding did not get Mercury Poisoning? This story starts with Michaela
and Sully sitting on a cot in a tent with a guard outside in Harding's camp. Michaela
had just asked Sully what he thought they were going to do and he had just answered.

"Beautiful Unknown" by dqmwartist
Beautiful is the marriage and the enthusiasm Michaela and Sully created
for themselves. Unknown is what they faced early on, afraid and not sure where to go.
Together they became one and burned up our screens. This fic takes place sometime
after "Mothers and Daughters."

"Budding Love" by dqmwartist
(Sequel to "Facing Fears") 
Colleen deals with new feelings that frighten her after her first date with Jeremy. 
Michaela slowly comes to grip with her own dating fears and her feelings for Sully.

"Building Memories" by Messa and Ashes
(Virtual 8th season episode)
Brian turns to Dorothy for advice on his writing career. Together, they decide to put on a
play he wrote for Halloween. Michaela nears the end of her pregnancy and learns a
secret from Sully's past. While Matthew and Lydia finally confess their true feelings
and Horace and Louisa become uneasy about their last encounter.

"Bonds of Love" by Amber Stockton
A beautiful woman that Sully knows from his trip to Nevada
visits town, and Michaela fears she will come between them.

"Breath of Life" by Amber Stockton
 The Sweetheart's Dance is over, and life for the Sully family is anything but peaceful
and quiet. Can two soulmates find time for each other?

"Back Home" by SL Snyder
(Continuation of "Dead or Alive")
Michaela and Sully spend a romantic evening together
after Sully's rescue of the Senator's son from McBride.

"Binding Love" by SL Snyder
A picnic in Wilderness Valley.

"By the Fireside" by Jewelianna
The night before their wedding, Sully tries to ease Michaela's fears.

"By the Fireside (Alternate)" by Sully's Sidekick
This modified version of "By the Fireside" is published here with permission by the
original author, Jewelianna. In this version, Sully gives his nervous wife-to-be a
lesson in lovin' not detailed in her mid-1800 medical textbooks.

"Brothers' Promises" by Shannon
Hank's two brothers visit town, and the townspeople quickly
discover the three are more than just siblings.

"The Boston Story" by Jean McQuaid and Sandi99
What happens if Michaela moves the entire family back to Boston?

"A Bad Dream" by Debby K
Loren is abducted and Colorado Springs forms search parties to go after him.
In several moments of comedy relief, the Nielsen Brothers
(Les, Mel, and Mike) are eventually corralled, and Loren is brought home.

"Baby Boom" by Debby K
There is a rash of pregnancies in Colorado Springs, including Michaela and
Sully, who expect twins. In addition, there is an explosive Thanksgiving,
a treacherous mountain expedition for Sully and a new college for the town.

"A Bit of Earth" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully return from their Philadelphia trip. As Valentine's Day
approaches, many are hit with an illness, and Michaela is strained to the limit.
At a time when she needs Sully the most, he is off with an ethnologist to
examine the relics at Sand Creek. A mystery about Sully's past is revealed.
Colleen and Andrew face the sad truth about their marriage.

"Beneath the Surface" by Debby K
As Lexie goes into labor, an exhausted Michaela senses all is not well
with Sully, who has been dreaming of Abigail.

"Balance of Nature" by SoldierBlue
(December 1872)
Sgt. McKay puts everything at stake not to let injustice and fanaticism prevail,
and Michaela, Sully and Cloud Dancing face the mysteries of life and death. Alternative
ending to "Safe Passage." My first McKay story, my first work in English.

"Between Brothers'" by Kruemi
A little bit of fun, written for the 'Ghostly Challenge on the DQ
forum. It's taking place during the episode Happy Birthday.

"Baby Talk" by Ashley J
Alternate version of the events in Season 6. Upon reuniting with his family on Christmas
Eve, Sully reconnects with Michaela, and they discuss their impending arrival.

"Back to Normal" by Ashley J
A short I wrote a while back revolving around Katie's first day of life.

"Because I Love You" by Ashley J
A challenge fic. Takes place during "Where the Heart Is." What
would have happened if Michaela hadn't gotten off of the train?

"Before You" by Ashley J
Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully meet under extraordinary circumstances.
Will the circumstances of their individual lives get in the way of a true relationship,
or will it bring them closer together?

"Better With Time" by Ashley J
Michaela nervously awaits her husband's return home, and she begins
to wonder if something has changed between them.

"Blessed" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Heartsong")
After tragedy strikes, several citizens of Colorado Springs try to pick
of the pieces left behind. The Sully family starts planning to expand.

"Born Again" by Ashley J
Horace and Myra are planning to have their whole lives ahead of them
as soon as her contract with Hank runs out. When something big happens
that drives a wedge in their plans, will Horace and Myra still be
together in the end?

"A Boston Affair" by Ashley J
Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully meet in a different way... when Michaela is twenty
five, beginning her career as a doctor, and living in Boston. Will their different
backgrounds get in the way of the love that develops between them?

"Breaking Point" by Ashley J
Michaela and Sully have everything they could want. Nice jobs, a nice house and a
beautiful six-month-old baby. Just as they're about to take another step in their lives,
one afternoon in the park changes everything forever.

"The Break of Dawn" by Ashley J
After finding out he's going to be a father, Sully has a rough time getting to sleep. He
and Michaela find another way to tire once she wakes at his side.

"Backwards" by Elizaellen
Moving forward isn't easy when Michaela suddenly finds herself more alone than ever
after separating herself from Sully. Sully too finds that life is nearly unbearable without
his best friend and woman he loves. This short explores how healing begins after.

"The Best Gift" by Elizaellen
A Valentine's Day Story.

"Blessings in Boston" by Sarah M
(Sequel to "For the Love of Colleen")
Andrew and Colleen move to Boston to take over Andrew's uncle's practice.
Andre and Becky Cook are born.

"A Bride for Brian" by Sarah M
Brian's friend Kit posts an ad in the Globe for a bride for Brian.

"Bad Times in LA" by Nancy Smith
(A Dr. Quinn - Zorro Crossover)
When the little pueblo of Los Angeles suddenly falls prey to a deadly virus, Dr. Hernandez
wonders if he will have enough medicine to help save the people and how long it will last
until he runs out. And when he does, what will he do? Who will save the pueblo then?
In the meantime, Victoria and the de la Vegas wind up being under quarantine at the de la
Vega hacienda by orders of Dr. Hernandez. While she is there, will Diego finally confess
to her that he is Zorro? And why does she suddenly tell Diego that she doesn't love Zorro?

"Brian...?" by Sarah Porter
With the real possibility of his parents never having a son to carry on the
Sully name, Brian considers changing his.

"Brian's Christmas Present" by Clarebear48
Another short Christmas Story... From two pics Daniel and Sully talking on a log and Sully
blowing a wish and two quote. Sully is worried about what he can give Brian for Christmas
and has a little help from his friend.

"By Special Delivery" by Clarebear48
"I was born on a ship somewhere 'tween England and America.
I don't know where. I don't even know the name of the ship. Honest."

"Because of the Silver Rose" by SK Sylvester
This story takes place roughly from the time right after Sully becomes Indian Agent
to right before Michaela and Sully's wedding. Therefore, all the events that happen
between that time span don't necessarily happen in this story

"By Morning's Light" by SK Sylvester
Life has a funny, and sometimes obscure, way of working itself out. In the darkness
of the fading night, Michaela thought about how their little miracle baby was now
in dire need of a miracle. What was to become of her beautiful little girl?