Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"The Cheyenne Years" by Marilyn Levinson
Sully's life when he lived with the Cheyenne.

"Changes in Colorado Springs" by AddMom
A long story story that continues the saga of Colorado Springs

"Consequences Of Trust" by Rachel
I really must stress the warning on this one, it is well over 100,000 words and took me
roughly 3 years to write. The pain inflicted was my way of coping through an incredibly
upsetting traumatic time in my life so I basically laid into the characters. I am still
immensely proud of this story, and I wrote it for my therapy not to necessarily be read,
however people did and enjoyed so here it is, but it definitely isn't for kiddies. Set
towards the end of Season 6, after "The Homecoming." However, all the episodes after
that one are obsolete with this story. Warning: Due to the nature of some aspects of this
story I would advise anyone who may be squeamish to read with caution. There are
graphic descriptions of various types of punishment, which are necessary for the
story. This is only a warning, as I want all my readers to enjoy it.

"Circle of Life" by Esther Gross
The Sully's visit Abigail's grave as a family, and Katie visits the grave of her half sister Hanna.

"Circle of Life" by Pam Hunter
This sequel to "Heroes and Fools" deals with the issue of tolerance and acceptance.
"Crossing the Line" by Hayley
Sully and Michaela's relationship had come on in leaps and bounds since the circus had
visited town, their trust and faith in each other had reached a new level. So when Sully
offered to take Michaela on a picnic, neither of them foresaw the problems that would arise.

"The Coopers" by Michelle Iris Pagan
Charlotte and Ethan pack up everything and settle in Colorado Springs with little
Matthew and Colleen. When Ethan travels to Denver to file his claim, leaving his full
term pregnant wife behind, Charlotte meets Byron Sully.

"A Candle at Midnight" by SoldierBlue
Michaela and Sully spend a romantic evening together after Sully's
rescue of the Senator's son from McBride.

"Challenges" by dqmwartist
Michaela faces a challenge when Sully's injury is worse than she thought.
"Child of Mine" by LovelyLene
Hank and Sully are traveling to Denver to make sure Zack is save
from John Kerrigan. But will Zack really be safe?

"Causing Harm" by Kayla W
Sully comes home to good news after a three week trip. But little does he know the
harm he's causing to the person he loves the most. After learning about Michaela's
secret Sully must come to terms with what he has done, but is it too late?

"Carry Me Home" by dqmwartist
Michaela gets lost in the woods, will Sully find her before it's too late?

"Cattle Drive" by Anny
Matthew does NOT interrupt the scene!

"Courtin' and Sparkin'" by dqmwartist
Sully and Michaela resume their courtship with a look back on the long
road they've traveled. Jake begins his position as major reluctant to
keep his promise to give women the vote.

"Christmas Angels" by Rebekah Dickey
What will happen when Elizabeth Quinn has a surprise in store for Michaela and the
children, and Sully and Michaela face danger... alone! Will all truly be alright in time for Christmas? Find out in this touching and heartwarming tale of Christmas Cheer!

"Catching" by dqmwartist
(Sequel to "Falling") 
This was written on a whim. It's a sweet story that picks up where it's predecessor left off.

"A Christmas to Remember" by Tiffany Miller
(Virtual 7th season episode)
Michaela and Sully are stranded together in a cabin a few miles away from home, held
there by the snowstorm which hit town. Christmas will come with or without them, but
will they be able to finally make peace with what's been keeping them apart?

"Cameo" by Carolyn Williams
Sully is hiding from the army, but then something terrible happens to Michaela. In
order to save her life, he is forced to come forward and face the charges of murder
and treason. Meanwhile an unknown relative visits and reveals something his
mother never told him.

"Changes" by SL Snyder
Changes take place and love is expressed.

"Comings and Goings" by SL Snyder
Brian is shot while Matthew, Amanda, Colleen and Andrew travel to San Francisco.

"Christmas Revelations" by ElizabethDQMW
Post season 6 but before the movies. Love and Happiness abound!

"The Calm Before the Storm" by ElizabethDQMW
Short fic exploring the rising tensions towards the end of Season 5. M/S attempt
to communicate their feelings surrounding Sully's involvement with the reservation
and escalating issues with the army, leading up to the Season 5 finale.

"Created Equal" by Nina Tondering
Hank's younger sister Maggie comes to town, but he discovers she's dying of a
mysterious heart disease and has two years to live. Troubles deepen when Hank finds out
Maggie's in love with a half bred, and it turns out she's not who she appears to be.

"Christmas Gifts" by Maureen Perkins
A return trip from a house call turns disastrous when
Dr. Mike encounters a Christmas blizzard.

"Cherry Pie" by Bratling
This takes place somewhere second season after "Where the Heart Is."

"Common Sense" by Bratling
In seasons five and six, Michaela and Sully indulged in potential child-producing activities
while he was missing/presumed dead/on the run. After all, without ruining Michaela's
reputation, how in the world would they explain a pregnancy that didn't involve
"scandalous" behavior or Sully being alive and her knowing where to find him? Michaela and
Sully are smarter than that! Her miscarriage in season six could have gotten them into
serious trouble, because it was a tacit admission that she knew where he was and was in
contact with him... Therefore, for the purposes of this, forget "Comfort of Friends" ever
happened. This beginssomewhere before the last scene of "All that Matters".

"Close Quarters" by Rianne
What could have happened during the rainstorm in Bad Water.

"The Child" by Debby K
A woman mysteriously leaves behind her little boy, and Sully and Michaela go in
search of her. Sully experiences guilt over what he missed
while a fugitive. In the end, Michaela and Sully play matchmaker.

"Circumstantial Evidence" by Debby K
Cloud Dancing is accused of murdering William Robinson. Sully,
Michaela and Matthew work hard to clear him, but there is strong
circumstantial evidence against their Cheyenne friend.

"A Cherished Reminder" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully await the birth of their second child,
but Mother Nature is not cooperating.

"Compromises" by Debby K
Sully and Michaela travel to Denver where he works on a committee
for Colorado's statehood and she befriends an orphaned girl who lives
on the streets. Sully's battle to preserve the environment brings
danger to himself and his family.

"Cave-in" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully are stranded in a mine cave-in and face the possibility
of death. The thought of never seeing their family again creates great
emotion and desperation for them.

"Chautauqua" by Debby K
As the family adjusts to the life with the twins, Michaela is afforded
the opportunity to speak at a Chautauqua Circuit in Boulder. Bridget returns
to assist the Sullys in their transitions, as Josef presents particular challenges
to his family and her. A threat against Cloud Dancing causes angst for his
friends. Many of the residents of Colorado Springs attend the Chautauqua experience,
along with a man and woman from Michaela and Sully's past.

"Casualties of War" by Debby K
A deputy sheriff from Georgia comes looking for Sully in order to
extradite him to Atlanta to stand trial for murder.

"A Crisis of Faith" by Debby K
While the Slickers' new baby is overdue, Michaela deals with a health
crisis which challenges not only her spiritual beliefs but her very life.

"The Christmas Coat" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully share memories about Christmas.

"Colleen" by Heather Kennedy
While Dr. Mike is away, Colleen arrives home deathly sick.
Now it is all up to Andrew Cook to save her life.

"A Christmas Story" by Sara Jones
Elizabeth Quinn plays matchmaker for Colleen and Andrew.

"A Christmas Gift" by Elizabeth Smith
Christmas time in Colorado Springs! Presents! Surprises! An unexpected
visitor from Michaela's past...or is it? And will be be enough to break
Colleen and Andrew apart?

"A Christmas Tale" by Kruemi
It's Christmas Eve, and Cloud Dancing has invited two guests...

"Cold Spring" by Kruemi
(Sequel to "Crossroads")
Sully in the Pilot: Life just has a way of takin' it's own course.

"Crossroads" by Kruemi
A modern day story. Michaela's life had turned upside down when
she goes to Colorado Springs on vacation.

"The Challenges of the Plains" by Kruemi
A modern times story - the sequel to Cold Spring

"A Change for Katie" by Ashley J
Taking place after "Revolutions," and altering the storyline, Katie finds herself feeling
jealous and notimportant as the birth of her sibling draws near.

"China Doll" by Ashley J
This is a small rewrite of what happened between Dr. Mike and Sully during Bad Water.

"Christmas Morning" by Ashley J
Michaela and Sully spend a quite Christmas morning in bed before the children wake.

"Come Back for Me" by Ashley J
During "The Epidemic," Sully begins to believe that Michalea may not recover. He speaks
from his heart while she's unconscious. What will happen when she wakes?

"Counting the Minutes" by Ashley J
Michaela is desperate to get out of the grasp of an obsessive, abusive, controlling husband.
Will she be able to escape with her and her children's lives, or will she ultimately end up
paying the ultimate price to spare her children?

"A Christmas Story" by Kruemi

"Chasing the Wind" by Elizaellen
This is three part short that explores Michaela and Sully's thoughts and
feelings during the episode Running Ghost with an expanded ending of the episode.

"Colorado Springs: 80921" by Elizaellen
What happens when you take all the beloved characters from Colorado Springs and
make them modern day high school students? A whole lot of craziness and
maybe even some romance.

"Crossing a New Bridge" by Rachel
Colleen and Andrew are home to stay in Colorado Springs, but someone
makes Colleen an offer she can't refuse...or can she?

"Cloud Dancing's Dilemma" by Linda4Him59
Cloud Dancing receives some much needed marital advice from his brother. Written for the
April 2010 Forum Challenge. Just a funny little ditty. Not meant to be serious.

"The Conversation" by Linda4Him59
This is just a shortie, written for the October 2010 Forum Picture Challenge.
It's a private conversation between our beloved Michaela and Sully after they've spent
the night alone in the woods. They reminisce about their shared memories.

"A Chance Encounter" by Linda4Him59
(A picture challenge)
It's an AU story of Michaela and Sully's first meeting,
if she had been the one to be friends with Cloud Dancing and the Indians first.

"The Competition" by Clarebear48
From a picture challenge. Colorado Springs has a fun competition day.

"Conscious Devils With a Difference" by Clarebear48
Guess who else has their own annoying devils.

"Colorado Residents at Home" by Clarebear48
The citizens of Colorado Springs in a different setting. Another a bit of fun.

"Catherine Elizabeth Sully, Anthropologist" by Clarebear48
Katie has decided what she wants to do with her life.

"Circles of Love" by Barbie