Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"False Courtship" by Kimberly M
(Takes place between "The Race" and "Sanctuary")
An old girlfriend of Sully's makes a surprise visit to town. More surprises to come. Can Sully
accept and share his true feelings for Dr. Mike before the old friend makes a mess of things?

"A Family Divided" by Mandy
What happens when a long awaited visit turns disastrous, a young life lost, a birthday
celebration and a second honeymoon. All this awaits you in "A Family Divided."

"Family and Friends" by Becky H
Michaela is attacked while Sully is on a survey, and barely survives an operation to save
her life. When her husband returns, she can hardly remain civil to him, and Sully wonders
what he has done to put such a strain on their marriage, and if things will ever be
right between them again.

"Family Matters" by Rachel
This story follows straight on from "Reflections and Dreams."

"A Forever Love"
by Pam Hunter
This, my favourite novel, takes place four years after the first movie.
It was my concept of what a DQ movie SHOULD look like.

"First Time Ever" by Amber F
Brian is growing up, and he has his eye on a fascinating brunette,
with starry violet eyes. However, there is something strange about her...

"A Fresh Start" by Hannah Lowe
Michaela Quinn decides to move west to establish a new medical practice.

"Follow Your Heart" by Rebecca Burkhart
What didn't we see when Sully followed Michaela to Boston?

"From Books to Promises" by Pam Hunter
A story that explores what might have happened between
episodes. This time its "Dorothy's Book" and "Promises Promises."

"The Final Dawn" by Megan Lavey
A grown Katie looks back on the years through stories told by the aging and broken
hearted Sully. Little Big Horn and the love connection between Sully and Michaela are remembered ---- all told from the porch during the dawn hours.

"Falling Slowly" by dqmwartist
(Reflection Series 2)
Extended scene in "Seeds of Doubt" when Andrew takes Colleen
on a picnic and reads Shakespeare's Sonnet #116 to her.

"Footprints" by dqmwartist
Michaela and Sully's feelings are explored during the quest to bring
back water samples from Willow Creek. Takes place during the
"Bad Water" episode.

"Forbidden Love" by LovelyLene

"Finally a Doctor" by Jennifer
What if Michaela's father, Dr. Josef Quinn, would have lived
to see his daughter go West?

"Facing Fears" by dqmwartist
As Michaela watches Colleen blossom into a young woman, she must come to grips
with her own dating fears.  Will she be able to see that "everything will be ok?"

"Falling" by dqmwartist
This story is part of a New Year's Quote Challenge on the Dr. Quinn Forum.  I used
a quote from the movie "Enchanted" and made it into a story about Brian and Sarah
reuniting after all these years.  It's a sweet story of falling in love all over again.
Authors note: This takes place in Boston ten years after "The Heart Within."

"First Date" by dqmwartist
What does Sully have planned for Michaela?

"Forever I Do" by Helen Taylor
The family is reunited for Christmas.
Sully surprises his wife with a special gift.

"From Hell's Heart" by SoldierBlue
An unknown young Irish woman comes to Colorado Springs in search of
 a job. It's clear at once that she is not all that she appears to be,
and the townsfolk join in unraveling the mystery. But the truth may
be hidden even deeper... Sully is forced to face his darkest fears,
and McKay his darkest side. Drama, adventure and history.

"Feelings of Love" by dqmwartist
Michaela struggles with her feelings for Sully. She confides in Dorothy,
who tells her she's falling in love. Will Michaela open her heart to
Sully and let herself love him?

"Falling Walls" by Elizaellen
This story is part of the episode, A House Divided. It is a look inside their thoughts
as well as including missing scenes with an expanded ending.

"Forwards" by Elizaellen
(Sequel to "Backwards")
Sully and Michaela try to move forwards after Catherine's departure.
Will Michaela open her heart to love again? How will the children react?

"Fracture Lines"
by Elizaellen
This short story takes place immediately following the episode "The Campaign."
I was never completely satisfied with the way the writers sort of glossed over the
 "Catherine" incident. This story explores that.

"Full Moon"
by Elizaellen
Sully plans a Halloween surprise for Michaela. When Michaela catches
the eye of a mysterious stranger will everything be ruined?

"The Favourite Book" by Anna Shepelev
A tale about Michaela's childhood.

"Finally Home" by Becky H.
Sully returns to his heartsong after half a year of running from the army.

"Finding Comfort" by Ganna
(Sequel to "Life's Second Chance" and "Those Left Behind")
How do Matthew, Colleen, Brian and Katie deal with their
mother's death and do they manage to comfort their father?

"First Do No Harm" by Becky H
This story introduces a new character to Colorado Springs, Joshua Jennings, Dorothy's
nephew. Joshua, who is an educated young man who loves Emerson, becomes fast friends
with Michaela. Later, Michaela makes a very important decision that shocks the town
and changes the course of events. The trial that follows threatens to tear Michaela
from Sully and the children, and could even mean the end of Dorothy
and Michaela's friendship forever.

"Fault Lines" by Carolyn Williams
Sully and Hank whilst taking a stagecoach ride back to Colorado Springs try to sort
out some misunderstandings from the past. Due to bad weather the stagecoach crashes
down a ravine. Michaela back in Colorado Springs senses that something is wrong
and sets out to find Sully and rescue him.
"Father and Son" by SL Snyder
Brian spends a few days at the cave with Sully, discussing the birds and the bees.

"Friends and Lovers" by SL Snyder
Just daily life. Dorothy's grandchildren come to visit.
Teresa is pregnant again. And Lillian writes to say Ethan Cooper has died.

"Future Promises" by SL Snyder
Brian and Sarah return home and the hospital breaks ground.

"Family" by Bratling
These are some missing scenes from "The Comfort of Friends." Very little
time was spent on how Matthew and Brian reacted to the miscarriage.
This was, after all,their new sibling.. and their mother's anguish.

"Freedom" by Rianne
Just a little fun with a newly married Michaela and Sully!

"Frozen Fires" by Rianne
A little romantic adventure which takes place early season two.

"Friends and Enemies" by Debby K
The Slicker marriage is in trouble, Robert E is abducted, Horace orders a mail order
bride and Preston takes an interest in teaching Katie Sully about banking in this story.
Michaela and Sully help their friends cope with these events while Matthew
unravels a murder mystery.

"Faith of Our Fathers" by Debby K
A faith healer comes to Colorado Springs, professing to cure ailments of the residents.
Michaela is skeptical as more and more townsfolk begin to believe in the man's abilities. Eventually, he tries his mesmerizing powers on her. Meanwhile, Sully and Hank find a
veteran of the Civil War who is unaware that the War has ended. Adjusting to a world
he's never known proves to be difficult.

"A Fork in the Road" by Debby K
A man whose life Michaela saved many years ago comes to Colorado Springs to thank her.
His generosity creates discord in the Sully household. Brian has an encounter with a
legendary creature, an event on which the townsmen decide to capitalize. Josef's
behavior continues to challenge the patience of Michaela and Sully.

"The Fugitive" by Debby K
A young fugitive from the law seeks refuge in Michaela's Clinic, prompting Sully to
question his wife's judgment and leading to a major disagreement between them.
Katie experiences emotional turmoil over the words of a classmate.

"For Dear Life" by Debby K
While Sully is away with Cloud Dancing in an effort to prevent a war between the
Bannock Indians and Army, he witnesses events that have a profound effect on him.
Michaela senses something about her pregnancy that leads her to frightening conclusions.
She and Sully must help one another overcome their fears.

"Friends in Need" by Debby K
There is a wedding in Colorado Springs, but all is not well among the friends of Michaela
and Sully. The Slicker marriage is in trouble, Brian is leaving with the Army and Sully
searches for a way to help the Cheyenne who have escaped from the Indian Territory.
His actions could have severe consequences.

"For Love and Honor" by Debby K
Sully experiences a health scare of epic proportions. Michaela receives an
invitation from a book publisher to come to San Francisco. When Sully and she
travel there, an idillic journey turns sour. Colleen and Andrew return to
Colorado Springs, where discord in their marriage continues to grow. Hank and
Lexie become closer, but her past threatens to undo their budding romance.

"First Impressions" by Debby K
Josef's first impression of school is not a good one. Michaela receives an
offer from Preston that she cannot refuse. A special gift comes to Matthew
and Emma. Hank and Lexie have stunning news. Desperation over his failed
marriage to Colleen leads Andrew to self-destructive behavior. When a
blizzard hits, Sully races to rescue his wife, but will he be too late?

"Fire Water" by Debby K
This story contains some whimsical scenes of Michaela and Sully in ways that we have
never seen them, some flashbacks and some parts of their past which fill in a few blanks
that we never got to see on the show. Along the way, Colleen, Dell and Andrew move
forward with their lives, while Brian and Josef learn valuable lessons.

"The Fork in the Woods" by SoldierBlue
(November 1874)
A weird but tried-and-true team goes out to battle the bad guys, which will lead to
important decisions. Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, nobody can give up an occasion for celebrating, and everybody is in love - new and old love, tentative love, hopeless love...

"Forgive and Forget" by Linda B
During premarital counseling sessions with the Reverend, Michaela begins to have second
thoughts about marrying Sully and calls off the wedding. She and Sully must work through
the past, including Katherine, David, and Abagail, and Michaela's fear of intimacy must be addressed before the couple will be ready to join together body and soul.

"Forethoughts" by Jenna
A short story about three days before Colleen returns to Colorado Springs after graduation.

"A Father's Worry" by Ashley J
Sully and Michaela discuss their worries about the pregnancy. Sully tries to stop imparing
his joy over the pregnancy because of what happened in the past.

"For Us" by Ashley J
What if Michaela and been the one to spy Sully with Catherine at the clinic?

"Free Falling" by Ashley J
Sequel to Hidden Embers. Michaela and Sully have their first argument, an a near fatal
accident causes them to realizes how silly their feud really was.

"From a Distance" by Ashley J
Dr. Michaela Quinn meets Byron Sully, a man who has been
broken in nearly every way, and she sets out to help him get his life
back in order. Friendship ensues, and romance begins to blossom.

"The First Night" by Ashley J
Michaela and Sully are back from their honeymoon, and they enjoy
their first night home together in the privacy of their bedroom.

"First Meeting" by Kruemi

"The Faith of a Child" by Linda4Him59
Just a shorty, written for the Dec 2010 forum challenge. Michaela receives news that Sully
won't be home for Christmas, but Katie prays and believes God will help bring her
beloved Poppy home in time.

"Fallin' Off A Log" by Linda4Him59
Just a shorty, my take - with helpful input from Tess - on the 'advice' Dorothy might have
given to Michaela just before her wedding. It has a few risqué touches - but not raunchy.

"Following a Dream" by Jean McQuaid and Sandi99
Michaela Quinn's early life in Colorado Springs.

"Frail Emotions" by Wendymypooh
Sometimes even a strong woman's emotions get the best of her, as Charlotte Cooper learns.

 "For the Love of Colleen" by Sarah M
Colleen has graduated from the Ladies Seminary College in Denver, and is
coming home. Andrew anxiously awaits her arrival, for he has wonderful plans when
she gets home. He plans to ask her to marry him. But their plans are abruptly pushed
aside when Ethan hires a man from San Francisco to kidnap Colleen.

"Fear, Wonder and Hope" by Clarebear48
When the Reverend suggested to Dr Mike they adopt the orphans. Sully become anxious
as he knew he loved her. How could he let her know?

"Follow Your Dream" by Clarebear48
From Where the Heart is... What Sully was feeling when he arrived in Boston.

"Flight of Imagination" by Clarebear48
Brian's interesting memory and journey on flight.

"First Encounter" by Wendymypooh
Sully meets Cloud Dancing for the first time.