Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Haunted Soul" by Megan JP
Michaela and Sully find out they are going to have a new baby, but someone from the
past won't let Michaela's soul alone. Will she ever find peace again?

"The Hayride" by Rachel
Warning: If married couples being intimate easily offend you then turn
back now. Two sections in the story that follows are of a descriptive
nature. This story takes place sometime during "Mothers And Daughters."

"Hear My Call" by Amanda B.
Caught up in their emotions after having finally admitted their feelings to
each other, Michaela and Sully explore their new relationship some more.

"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" by Megan Lavey
"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, when it fights for what it believes in." Every heart
hunts for something: true love, respect, a new born baby, friendship and even
revenge....... Colleen fights prejudice and acceptance as a female doctor in the making.
Myra hunts for a new life after her return to Colorado Springs. Sully continues to
fight and serve the Cheyenne family. Katie fights for her role as a 2 year mischief
maker. Dr. Mike discovers a long buried secret of Sully's  that she wants to turn into
a great surprize. But, the same secret haunts Sully, and someone is out for revenge.
The Sully family travels to Boston where joys and fears are visited.

"A Heart's Broken Wings" by Megan JP
Michaela's sister is killed in a tragic accident. Michaela sees a different side of her
sister she has never seen before. She feels she owes it to her sister to raise her
children. Will Michaela be able to raise them,
her own children, and heal her heart's broken wings.

"Hearts in the Mist" by Cynthia Lamoureax
While Michaela is attending a medical convention in Philadelphia, Sully awaits her
return with anticipation. But on the day of her arrival, the world crumpled before
him when Horace has to announce the train Michaela was traveling on had a terrible
train wreck that left no survivors. Devastated, Sully has no other choice but to hang
on to his children for fear of otherwise sinking into darkness. Back in Philadelphia,
Michaela has missed her train going to Colorado Springs and dishearteningly she backs
up and trips on luggage, causing her to fall and hit her head on a bench. When she
awakens, she doesn't remember her name, her husband and children, her life. Dr.
Charles Wilson, along with his sister Rose, take her under their wings and for six years
Michaela and Sully will live separate lives until one day, their destiny will reunite
them again forever.

"Honeymoon Reflections" by Pam Hunter
Wedded to Sully a week, Michaela reflects on their
friendship, courtship and marriage.

"Honeymoon Reflections Too" by Pam Hunter
These two 'honeymoon' stories explore past episodes
and add some perspectives we never saw on screen.

"Honeymoon Train Fantasy" by Esther Gross
(Sequel to "For Better or Worse")
This story picks up exactly where "For Better or Worse," the wedding episode, left off.

"Hold Me" by Ashley J.
(Re-write of the cave scene in "The Abduction Part 2" )
This story depicts graphic sex between two consenting, unmarried adults.

"Halloween Romance" by Mie779
The night after "Halloween III" becomes a night to remember for Michaela and
Sully. They experience a new deepness in their passion for one another.

"Helping Hand" by Jennifer George
Sully comes home from work to find a strange man helping out with the chores and
becoming too friendly with his wife for his liking. Will Sully
remain calm enough to learn the truth about Jack Marshall's visits?

"Hearts a Fire" by dqmwartist
After nearly a month of worry, Sully shows up in Boston out of love for Michaela. Once
there he realizes there is another man whose affections Michaela seems to enjoy. He
nearly leaves Boston for Colorado until Matthew stops him, and Sully begins to court
Michaela. Michaela's feelings are laid out on the line with the sudden appearance of Sully.
Her heat is torn in two as William and Sully grow ever closer to her. In the end will Michaela follow her heart home? Will Sully claim the love he longs for?

"Happy Mother's Day" by Sarah Delligatti
Brian tries to find the perfect Mother's Day present for Michaela.

"Hand in Hand" by C. Foust
Michaela attempts to sort out her emotions after hearing of Sully's
kiss with Katherine.

"The Heart Knows" by C. Foust
Sully is finally secure in his relationship with Michaela to know that
she's the only woman for him, so he asks her to marry him. When
her ex-fiance, David, appears, Sully wonders if he'll lose
his heartsong forever.

"Heart to Heart" by C. Foust
Michaela and Sully have one last talk about their feelings about
marriage, and share intimate vows, the day before their wedding.

"Honeymoon" by Susan L. Leidy
What happened after the newlyweds left Colorado for Denver? (Well, I mean
after...that!) Their romantic honeymoon is told in this story.

"Home at Last" by Rachel
This story is set just a few months after the wedding
but it doesn't run to the time frame of the series.

"Heartsong Mountain" by Esther Gross
Sully convinces a reluctant Michaela to climb Pike's Peak with him for
their anniversary. Will it be a romantic interlude all the way, or will the unexpected
make it more memorable than they could have imagined?

"Home for Christmas" by Pam Hunter
Sully is finally free after months of hiding from the army and he
and Michaela return to the homestead late on Christmas Eve.

"Home is Where the Heart Is" by J.B. Williams
The mysterious Beth Parker comes to Colorado Springs. Her past
holds terrifying secrets. Can Matthew and the Sully family help her
when people from her past unexpectedly arrive in town set on revenge?

"Home is Where the Heart Is" by J.B. Williams
The mysterious Beth Parker comes to Colorado Springs. Her past
holds terrifying secrets. Can Matthew and the Sully family help her
when people from her past unexpectedly arrive in town set on revenge?

"Heroes and Fools" by Pam Hunter
This novel is a sequel to "Longings" and again progresses the DQ story.

"The Holly and the Ivy" by Messa and Ashes
(Virtual 8th season episode)
Preston Lodge III came to Colorado Springs years ago, but no one
ever knew why. He received a letter in the mail from a woman he once knew...a woman
he cannot forget. Among Preston's turmoil, he plans a Winter Ball at the chateau,
Dorothy is offered a deal for another book,
and Hank's saloon is hit with tragedy.

"Home and Away" by Pam Hunter
Sully has gone away to work for a few weeks and Michaela misses
him terribly. Finally she gives into herself and pays him a visit.

"Home is Where the Heart Is" by Melissa
(Later sequel to "The Pain Will Fade" )
The Quinn family set out to Philadelphia to visit Colleen and Andrew. As Colleen
prepares for her graduation from medical school, she and Andrew must contemplate
their plans for their future. Through some unexpected events, they must learn to
let their hearts lead them home.

"Hidden Secrets" by Megan JP and Aislinn E. Porter
(Sequel to "Living with Fear")
After their daughter Katie dies Michaela and Sully divorce. Six years
later they meet again. Both remarried with families, but they hold
deep secrets within their hearts. Will they risk revealing them when
they might hurt their loved ones the most?

"Hotowa'e Dreams" by dqmwartist

"Home is Where the Heart Is" by dqmwartist
A tender two part Colleen and Andrew story, It takes place in the year 1897 with Colleen
and Andrew returning home to Colorado Spring with their young daugther, Anna.

"Heart-Shapen World" by dqmwartist
(Sequel to "Home is Where the Heart Is")
Colleen gives birth in this sweet tender story.

"Healing of the Hearts" by Amber Stockton
Sully is back home, after spending months hiding from
the army. As usual, things don't always go as planned.

"Hidden Beneath" by Amber Stockton
(Virtual 7th season episode)
Sully's worried Michaela might not have enough time for her family, and Michaela
feels she's confining Sully to the Homestead and to her.

"The Heart Will Find a Way" by Amber Stockton
(Virtual 7th season episode)
Michaela and Sully have trouble finding time to be alone
as Valentine's Day nears. When the townsfolk learn of their
struggle, their plans to help take a rather humorous turn.

"The Healer" by CoriMariee

"Hardships" by Crazy C & Fann
Gentle Breeze and Daniel are captured by the Pawnee. Can the rest of the tribe find
them and help them escape before it's too late for Daniel?

"The Horseback Ride" by Just Maritza
A short piece of M&S's delightful encounter in the woods, riding on a horse
and an unexpected event occurs to make Michaela die of embarrassment.
"Heartlines" by Karma1987
The follow on to the Cheyenne Number Series. Love beats logic as the heart over rules the
head. Michaela and Sully struggle to find one an another after a journey goes horribly wrong.

"His Daughter's Honor" by Bratling
Sully got completely shut out in Ladies' Night in regards to Colleen.
Michaela knew what was going on, Becky knew, Matthew knew, and even
Brian knew about the teasing if not the other. Remember, at this point,
Sully and Michaela were engaged, and he had already stated that she
and the kids were his family. So this breaks off there with a what if --
'What if Sully had found out how Jared MacAlister was treating Colleen?'

"The Haunting" by Bratling
The result of watching second season's Halloween late at night and
getting a "what if." I don't believe in ghosts, but in the DQ universe,
they're canon, so.... What if Abigail had been a more vindictive kind of
ghost? And what if Michaela hadn't been the primary target?
"Home" by The River Watcher
Sully never intended to tell Michaela he loved her on that train in
Boston. Returning home he decides to give Michaela a few days, but
when a tragedy occurs, Sully is left once more trying to fight his
way back to her. Will he make it?

"How Do I Love Thee" by Debby K
It is Sully's first time working for the Department of Interior,
and he will be gone for several days. He leaves Michaela 8 letters, one
for each day that he will be gone. Each letter directs her to go to a place
that is special to them and contains a poem to express his love for
her. In the meantime, Sully gets caught up in a plot to assassinate President
Grant, and Michaela must contend with a missing Katie and an injury during a
bad storm. Sully and Michaela are eventually reunited in the Denver hotel
in which they spent their honeymoon, come to grips with her
miscarriage, and have a climactic conclusion involving President Grant.

"Hauntings" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully are haunted by dreams, some good, some ominous.
Under bizarre circumstances, Michaela treats a patient with very
strange symptoms. She also reads a Civil War diary which comes to life
in her dreams. Sully tries to help the Nez Perce and seek a way to help
Chief Joseph and his tribe get home.

"The Hope Within" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully return to Colorado Springs following the death of
Elizabeth Quinn. Coping with the loss of her mother and Brian's decision to
remain in Boston proves to be an overwhelming burden for Michaela, who
sinks deeper and deeper into depression. It takes Cloud Dancing and Sully's
loving care to help her through the ordeal. Myra comes to Colorado Springs
for a visit, bringing her new fiance, and Matthew proposes marriage to Lily.

"The Hunt" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully weather challenging times as they attempt to settle
their children into new rooms. In the midst of the physical and emotional
difficulties they endure, Sully and Cloud Dancing take Josef and some
of the Cheyenne boys on a hunt. Michaela compromises her principles, then
stands up to the Army in an effort to keep the hunt secret. Sully endeavors
to help defuse a dangerous situation with the Ute Indians. Lexie and Hank
hit a major stumbling block in their relationship, while other couples
attempt to move forward with theirs.

"The Halloween Unmentionable" by SoldierBlue
(October 1873)
Dorothy tries again her hand at staging another well-known tragedy,
recruiting Hank and everyone she can get. A star is born, another is
deterred at once by a federal inspection, some can't wait to fade
back into obscurity. Shakespearean humour.

"High Tide Again" by SoldierBlue
(December 1874)
The East Fork reservation comes back to the fore when it's time
to renew the garrison. Sully and Cloud Dancing try to stand against
politics, but the game involves some unpredictable pawns. Meanwhile,
Alison ticks off one last day on her calendar.

"A Honeymoon Story" by Kruemi
(Sequel to "What Life Has To Offer")
I don't think you have to necessarily read WLHTO to come into this story.

"Halfway There" by Ashley J
 (Sequel to "Free Falling")
Sully, Michaela and the children stay at a hotel in St. Louis on their
way home to Colorado Springs. Michaela is called to an emergency.

"Heartsong" by Ashley J.
(Sequel to "Life Goes On")
Sully embarks on a quest to rescue his kidnapped wife.

"Hidden Embers" by Ashley J.
Sequel to Out of the Cold. Michaela and Sully try to break
the news of their engagement to Michaela's mother. Sully has a
surprise for his wife-to-be.

"Hush Little Baby" by Ashley J
The next Sully child is due to be born, but sadness
keeps the family from celebrating.

"The Heart Yearns" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Without You")
Part 2 of the Without You series. Three months after having
baby Byron, Michaela faces going home to Colorado Springs, still
believing Sully's dead. Meanwhile, in Denver, Sully's connection to
Michaela might not be completely severed after all.

"The Heart Divided"
by Ashley J
Unfortunate circumstances lead Sully and Michaela to take their first grandchild into
their care. When legalissues arise, will they be able to keep their family together?

"Homecoming" by Elizaellen
An alternative event story. Michaela and Sully meet as children and spend some time
under the same roof. Even at a young age they realize they have a connection but
their timing seems to be eternally off. Did they meet too soon or will love find a way?

"Heartache and Healing"
by Beth Mott
The Cooks come home from Philadelphia with some wonderful news.
But when Michaela and Colleen get sick everyone's lives change dramatically.

"House Guest" by Daisy Nishino
When Colleen and Andrew return to Colorado Springs for a visit,
they are joined by a guest from Colleen's past.

"A Husband's Jealousy" by Linda4Him59
Michaela's acting different, Sully's worried. He sees her with Hank and explodes in
jealous anger. Does she have a good reason? How will she tame her angry mountain man?
Written for May 2010 forum challenge.

"The Heart Speaks"
by Becky H
When a saloon girl asks Dr. Quinn to help her abort her baby,
Michaela must make a choice that will not be easy.

"Healing Hearts" by Clarebear48
A modern story of a healing journey that takes Michaela and Sully to find true happiness.

"Heart of the Earth" by Malcolm Green
A stranger's request draws Michaela, Sully, Matthew and Cloud Dancing into a perilous
and dramatic journey, the astounding consequences of which none could predict. Fateful,
life-changing encounters ensure that each traveller unearths profound truths ranging far
beyond the actual answers they had sought. None of their lives will ever be the same again....

"The Hudson River Drowning Chronicles" by Jules Griffith
This is the tragic account of Sully's mother's death and a simpatico meeting of
Sully and Michaela in New York City. The format is a narrative poem.