Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Anna Skylar
When being kidnapped by Dog Soldiers, Michaela and Sully not only have to find a way
to escape, but also deal with their growing feelings towards each other.
"Ill Winds" by Michelle Iris Pagan
A mysterious illness strikes Colleen, and a new procedure
performed by Dr. Cook may be the only thing that can save her.

"I'll be Home for Christmas" by Megan JP
They all made a promise to be together on Christmas. But this year
they are all finding it hard to come home for the holidays. Will this
year's Christmas be ruined by a broken promise they all made long ago?

"I'll Stand by You (Even in Your Darkest Hour)" by Megan JP
Michaela faces her greatest challenge of all in her life. Death. No matter how much
her family is trying to be strong they all find themselves falling apart in darkest time
of their lives. But as death knocks on her door, will Sully be able to stand beside her
even in death. Will he ever be able to say goodbye to her?

"In a Heartbeat" by Pam Hunter
(Virtual 7th season episode)
'Age shall not weary them' so the saying goes, but when age forces two elderly
people to contemplate their perhaps limited futures, Michaela and Sully must use
their wits to help them through it. Meanwhile, they too, must consider their
turbulent past and look to their future together.

"It Just Gets Better" by Pam Hunter
What happened between the conclusion of "Travelling Allstars" and the beginning of
"Mothers and Daughters" that changed Michaela's attitude to 'enthusiasm'?

"In a Perfect World" by Pam Hunter
(Sequel to "In a Heartbeat") (Virtual seventh season episode)
Everyone dreams of a happy future but the meaning of happiness is different to
everyone. For some of the folk of Colorado Springs happiness and success will come
with hard work and the support of their family and friends. For others, happiness
may only be achievable "In a Perfect World."

"In My Heart" by dqmwartist
(A novel)
Sully and Michaela deal with the separation caused by Catherine, as both remain in
each other's hearts. Watch and see how true love prevails in this touching novel.

"In the Wake of Washita" by Emn
Set after "Washita" but assumes a different path for Sully's
recovery than those events shown in the episode bearing that title.

"I Can't Wait" by Anny
Rewrite of one scene from "Fathers and Sons", set in Michaela's
clinic when Sully talks to her about Brian.

"If We Never Said I Love You" by Jules Griffith
Sully & Michaela love story starting a few days before the episode of "Another
Woman." This story explores the problems and beauties of their early relationship.

"Is it Love" by Jasmine May
Michaela and Sully wonder about their feelings following the
doctor's bout with influenza.

"I Take Thee" by Pam Hunter
Part 2 of the Wedding Trilogy

"Illisions" by Jean McQuaid and Sandi99
Michaela and Sully work together to solve the mysterious death of one of
Hank's girls, while many of the inhabitants of Colorado Springs experience
ups and downs along the way.

"In Search of Lost Time" by Jules Griffith
In Search of Lost Time is an alternate reality drama/tragedy/
mystery/romance epic that begins at the brink of the Civil War
and explores how time, memory, love, hate, murder, illness, and guilt
affects a love between Michaela and Sully fated to last a lifetime.

"I'm Sorry" by Jen Smith
Brian wants to be more than just the baby-sitter, and Michaela learns
that it is more difficult than she had thought to be a mother to a
teenage son as well as a newborn and toddler.

"It's Christmas" by SL Snyder
Shopping in Denver, Elizabeth comes for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

"In a One Horse Open Sleigh" by Jewelianna
Michaela and Sully's Christmas, set immediately following "The
First Christmas." It's atime for looking back and looking forward.

"In the Kiss" with Ashley J.
A Coauthored Short that explores the night of Happy Birthday,
and WHY Sully turns away after he kisses Michaela for the first time.

"I Remember" by Undecidable13
Michaela and Sully have a little 'chat' after their
premarital counseling with the Reverend.

"If We Try, We May Forget" by The River Watcher
What would happen if David came back to offer Michaela everything
she ever dreamed of? Would Sully fight for Michaela even if he felt he
had nothing to offer her? Set in the first season.

"The Independent Heart" by Lulu2425
Missing scenes from "Return Engagement". What happened before
Michaela rejected David and chose Sully? What happened
after Sully accepted Michaela's proposal?

"Innocents" by SoldierBlue
War gives opportunities and makes friendships stronger as people
fight together, but it also leads to tragic decisions, rites of passage
and loss of innocence... supposing that pure souls can ever
be less than innocent.

"Indemnity" by SoldierBlue
 (August 1875)
McKay helps planning a wedding. Lingering sadness, but also the
welcome relief of fun and romance, and a week of pure mayhem
as a wedding feast gets prepared from scraps in the smallest detail.

"I Just Wanted You to Know" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Just the Truth")
Taking place after "Just the Truth," Michaela and Sully must now
tell Elizabeth about their newly-professed love for one another.

"I'll Follow You" by Ashley J
This is shorter than a short story, I'd say. Depends on how
you look at it. A little vignette, if you will, about Michaela and Sully.
A little different than what I normally do. Vignette - a moment
in time. That's what this is.

"I Know You" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "The Heart Yearns")
Part 3 of the Without You series. Michaela, Brian, Katie, and little
Byron reunite with Colleen and Matthew in Denver, while Sully continues
to try to piece together his flashes of memories and figure out who he is.

"I'll Try" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "I Know You")
Part 4 of the Without You series. Michaela must deal with
facing the husband that she has believed to be dead for the past
year. Will she be able to help him remember?

"The Intruder" by Ashley J
After being attacked in the middle of the night, fear grips Michaela's
every waking moment. Will Sully be able to help her?

"Into the Fire" by Diane Schlichting
After a night of love, Michaela and Sully must face the most terrifying
night of their lives when renegades set their house on fire!

"The Imposter" by Linda4Him59
(A picture challenge)
This is a tongue in cheek funny, mixing real life and fiction, based on pictures. Michaela
falls prey to someone who looks just like Sully. Will he save her in time? Who is this
imposter and how will she know the 'real' Sully?

"I Honestly Love You" by Clarebear48
A short story with the thoughts of Michaela for Sully.

"Into the Wilderness" by Wendymypooh
Dr. Michaela Quinn leaves Boston and heads West to Colorado Springs.