Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
The Letter
This story takes place during and after "A Washington Affair" but I have slightly
changed the episode ending for my own writing needs.

Part 1 - "Repercussions" by Rachel

Part 2 - "Resolution" by Rachel

Part 3 - "Reaffirmation" by Rachel

"Letting Go" by Ashley J
Michaela is injured in a storm, and when Sully takes care of her,
their relaxing bath turns into much more. Michaela tries to convince
Sully to let go of his fear of hurting her. This story is NOT for kiddies!

"Life's Second Chance" by Ganna
(Prequel to "Those Left Behind" and "Finding Comfort")
What are Michaela's thoughts as she lays on her death bed?
What are her last words of wisdom to her children?

"Life Will Go On" by Megan JP
When a deadly disease hits their town many lives are lost. But when Brian's first love dies
how will he cope. How will his life be affected by such a tragic loss of a loved one. Will
he know how to pick up the pieces of his life and go on. Will he ever be the same person
again filled with life and spirit, or will he fall apart and not be able to get back up. Here
is the story of a young man who will tell you of his sorrow and how he dealt with it.
Told in his point of view.

"Life's Many Directions" by Melissa
In love, work, and life there are many obstacles we must face. When confronted
with these obstacles, we must decide which direction leads us down the right road.
Join the town members of Colorado Springs as they decide which direction to follow.

"Living With An Eye For An Eye" by Rachel
This story is a continuation of "An Eye For An Eye" and
picks up from where the episode finished.

"A Love like Yours" by dqmwartist
After being shot, Michaela faces the biggest test when she is asked to testify at the trial
of the man who shot her. The trauma of the day returns, as do the buried feelings she
has for Hank. Throughout her recovery Michaela dreams of what might have been.
Meanwhile, Sully is injured and Michaela turns to Cloud Dancing for help in finding the
one man she's loved from day one. Only things aren't
as they seem as she struggles with her feelings for both men.

"A Light in the Darkness" by Pam Hunter
That uncanny ability Michaela and Sully have to call to each other
over distance is vital when Sully is robbed and left for dead.

"Longings" by Pam Hunter
This novel continues the DQ saga from the end of the sixth season.

"Lisabeth" by Sadie
(Sequel to "Eclipse of the Heart")
The story of the arrival of Andrew's sister...and her secrets that she carries. Will she
be found? Will she ever let anybody in her life? (This srory is written in 3 parts
with chapters within each part. Each part's conclusion is written so you wouldn't
have to read another part if you wouldn't wish.)

"Living with Fear" by Megan JP
When Katie is injured Michaela blames herself. Sully blames himself
as well. They wait while their daughter's life hangs by a thread.

"Life Lines" by TweetyPie85
Three moments in time. What if Elizabeth had never
survived to see her youngest daughter grow up?

"A Love Song" by Lisa Johnson
The Quinn family try to cope with the birth of a sickly Michaela.

"A Love's Legacy" by Megan JP and Aislinn E. Porter
Dana Sully is living in the present time and is doing detailed research for her history project.
She finds out that Michaela and Sully had another child that has been kept a dark secret
for years. Then as she and her father Calvin Sully begin to dig deeper they find mysterious
clues to the final hours leading up to the deaths of Michaela and Sully which have never been
told before. And together they discover the love that the doctor and mountain man had
still flows through their veins in a legacy that is unbreakable.

"Living Within Their Eyes" by Megan JP
Michaela and Sully have been fighting for two months. Michaela is very emotional she
goes from being angry to crying. They find out that she is pregnant and they are
very happy about it. But will a tragic accident take away their future with their children
and their own lives. Will they survive to see the children grow up into the wonderful
adults they want them to be or will they die along with their hopes and dreams for them.

"Lives Free" by Anna Shepelev
It's 1879 and Sully and 7-year-old Katie become eye-witnesses
of the Fort Robinson massacre, saving a Cheyenne baby.

"The Long Night" by Becky H
Both terrified, Michaela and Sully spend a night alone in the
woods awaiting the birth of their first child.
"Love" by dqmwartist
(Sequel to "Catching")
A beautiful touching story to close this trilogy.

"Life and Death" by Amy Grossman
Michaela senses something is wrong, and leaves her bed
to rescue Sully, unaware of the trials that lie ahead.

"The Lost Baby" by Janine D
Michaela opens up to Grace and Dorothy about her recent miscarriage.

"A Love Reunited" by Saray Martinez
Sully promises Michaela they will be together forever, and that no matter what their souls
would be one before she dies. More than 100 years later two strangers meet and have
an instinct that they have met somewhere before.  Will Sully keep his promise? Can two
souls that belong together find their way back to each other?

"Love Can Cure All" by Amy Grossman
Katie falls unconscious after wild horses throw her from the wagon. Sully wonders
if Michaela is well enough emotionally to care for the injured child.

"Love at First Sight" by Sarah Delligatti
Hank falls in love with a mail order bride.

"Love's Strong Buck" by dqmwartist
Colleen finally has a chance to read Dorothy's Book about the town and the story she
reads is of Michaela and Sully's engagement. It brings back memories of that day and ones
for the future and she wants to find her own loyal and handsome man.

"Love's Memories" by dqmwartist
Sully wisks Michaela off on survey trip to spend time with her. While on the trip the
two recall memories from their courtship days.

"Living Life Without You" by Megan JP

"Lipstick Headlines" by dqmwartist

"Love's Promise" by dqmwartist

"Love's Harbor" by Kara Joy Deree

"Love's Treasure" by Amber Stockton
Enduring many trials, Michaela finds that love is the greatest
treasure that will help her through whatever life throws her way.

"Lost Without You" by Anna Skylar
When realising that both his Cheyenne brother and his best friend no longer are part of
his life, Sully feels miserable. As the days go by, but the emptiness inside of him
remains, his depressed state of mind both worries and frightens his family.

"The Least of These" by Becky H
A sudden loss leaves Michaela and Sully overwhelmed by grief. But when a dying woman
brings her part Crow son to town and entrusts Michaela with finding him a new home,
the cheerful little boy gives everyone a new purpose. Michaela soon discovers
there lurks a dark history between the Crow and Cheyenne that threatens to come
between her and Sully.

"Life Cycles" by SL Snyder
The new Sully baby finally arrives!

"Loss and Recovery" by SL Snyder
Some tragedies and Brian does some more guiding.

"Love in Bloom" by SL Snyder
Matthew takes a bride.

"Love in the Morning" by SL Snyder
Michaela and Sully spend the early hours of the day cuddled together.

"Love Is" by SL Snyder
Colleen goes to Denver; another baby coming and some happy moments.

"The Longest Night" by Deborah Melendez
This story takes place several years prior to Michaela Quinn's arrival in Colorado
Springs and involves the events that Sully recounted to Matthew in the episode
"Crossing the Line." A story from Sully's past, of the cave-in that nearly took his life,
and the first love that kept him alive...Abagail.

"Love's Tender Heart" by C Foust
(Prelude to "Heart to Heart")
The following events take place during the episode, "For Better
or Worse," beginning just as Mrs. Quinn has taken offense with
Michaela and leaves the bridal shower with hurt feelings.

"The Letter" by Bratling
This is related to a yet-to-be-released story I'm working on called "The Darkest Hour."
I couldn't see how this little bit would ever fit in, so I'm giving it out on its own. It
hasn't been beta'd, and I apologize for not naming the twins, but I don't know if they're
boys or girls yet, let alone names! So, to bring you up-to-date, Matthew is married to a
lovely young woman named Ilse and working in Denver as a lawyer. Brian is a senior at
Denver High School. Colleen never married Andrew, and is practicing medicine as
Michaela's partner in Colorado Springs. Katie is six and her little sister, Cecily, is two.

"Learning to Love You" by Viv
'Learning to Love You' explores the relationship between Michaela and the Cooper
children, following the traumatic loss of their mother. It sees Dr. Mike thrust into
motherhood, without any preparation or experience. With the help of Sully and the town,
Michaela and the children begin to build a home for themselves, and are slowly able
to find acceptance and enrichment in their new lives together.

"Let's Pretend It's Tonight" by March Wishes
The night before their wedding, Sully and Michaela take some time for
themselves and even get some answers to some unasked questions.

"Language of the Heart" by Debby K
Cloud Dancing returns from The Battle of Little Big Horn, a broken
and defeated man. A mysterious stranger comes to Colorado Springs,
creating great interest among some of the townsfolk.

"The Light of the World" by SoldierBlue
 (December 1873)
Everybody is late for Christmas presents, and three respectable ladies are in danger
of receiving the same item of clothing... well, maybe not exactly the same. Meanwhile
Robert E establishes a new trade to support his growing family, and the townspeople
join in a very special Christmas gift. More humour and more good feelings.

"A Love Triangle" by Beth Mott
A wonderful fic including an outsider, attempting to extract
our handsome Dr. Cook from the fair Colleen.

"Love's Undying Power" by Sara Jones
An epidemic hits the town and Colleen becomes sick. As he cares
for her, Andrew struggles with the fact that she may not live.

"Long Night" by Kruemi
This story starts like the end of part 1 of "Moment of Truth," but
things change considerably when Cloud Dancing's stitches don't break...

"Life Goes On" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Rock-a-Bye")
Michaela and Sully adjust to life with newborns while jealousy
gets the better of one of the children. Meanwhile, Holly struggles
with difficulties following finding her daughter.

"A Light in the Window" by Ashley J
Michaela Quinn arrives in Colorado Springs not knowing what to expect.
What happens when she she meets Sully and a mutual attraction occurs?
Will their relationship blossom past attraction?

"A Love That Heals" by Ashley J
On her first trip to Colorado Springs, Michaela Quinn experiences a tragedy that
ultimately puts her in the care of a gentle mountain man, Sully.

"Later" by Elizaellen
A short written off the line, "I'll take care of you later" from the movie
"Revolutions" with a very different ending!

"Loving You" by Catharina
"You'll always be lovely to my eyes. Pregnancy gives you a glow,
a magical light..."Sully comforts a very pregnant Micheala.

"Let Me" by Wendymypooh
Colleen Cooper convinces her Ma to rest, while she handles supper.

"Leaving" by Wendymypooh
Sully's grief over the loss of his wife and daughter, prompts him to leave Colorado Springs.

"Loneliness Doesn't Have To Be Forever" by Clarebear48
This came from a Challenge piece. Sully felt lonely and he saw the beautiful new lady Doctor.Wishing he could get to know her but having doubts. After talking to Daniel he
decided to take a chance.

"Lost Property" by Clarebear48
A short second story from a picture challenge. The picture explained in the story.
Sully has lost something.

Michaela remembers her journey towards intimacy with the love of her life Sully.

"Letter Received" by Clarebear48
Colleen receives the letter.

"The Letter" by Clarebear48
Peter contacts Colleen after being ill.