Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Mending Hearts" by Hilary Winn
Following Michaela's abduction by the dog soldiers, she and Sully finally discuss Katherine.

"The Mask" by Veronique Dupuis
The blind reverend falls in love with a mysterious masked woman.

"The Man in Black" by Wild White
A short story in which Sully and Dr. Mike are thankful things weren't any worse for
her when a stranger comes to town, and catches Dr. Mike alone one dark night.

"Melody in my Heart" by dqmwartist
(Reflection Series 1)
Extended scene in "Body Electric" with Brian reading one
of Walt Whitman's poems. Michaela and Sully also reflect back on when
Sam visited and Michaela's being on Pikes Peak.

"My Heartsong" by SK Vogt
What happened after Sully rescued Michaela from the Dog soldiers
that night and before Michaela woke up the next morning calling
for Sully? How did Sully feel?

"My Family, My Best Friend" by SK Vogt
What happened on Sully and Michaela's honeymoon?

"Michaela Finds Out" by Rebecca Burkhart
Michaela returns home from treating the epidemic in Soda Springs to discover that
Sully has been shot. Can she come to terms with the sort of life Sully leads and the
implications that has for her and the children?

"Michaela's Mistrust" by CP Briar
Michaela must shoot a thief in self defense, and later finds she
no longer trusts any man...including Sully.

"Modern Day Dr. Quinn" by LynnEGib
Michaela and Sully live in today's world.

"My Heart Is Yours" by dqmwartist
(post "Washita")
A missing scene that takes place after Michaela rides away from the new
homestead after arguing with Sully over his offering Matthew the old homestead.

"Memories of a Long Time Past" by Megan Lavey
The family reminisces about various events, including Sully's
kiss with his "friend," Katherine.

"Michaela's Perfect Day" by Susan L. Leidy
Romantic Sully always has something up his sleeve. When a
pregnant Michaela confides she would just like to get away
from it all for a day, he takes her to a peaceful place in the woods.

"Memories of You" by dqmwartist

"McAvoy Ranch" by Anna Skylar
Cattle thieves are ravaging in the territory. Arnold McAvoy is severely hurt trying to
prevent the gang from stealing his herd. His pregnant wife, Rachel, works hard to take
care of the ranch herself, but after passing out in the clinic, she is forced to accept
the fact that they need help. Michaela and Sully then decide to move out to the ranch.

"Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Edwards" by SL Snyder
A new name for a favorite couple as a baby is born.

"Michaela's Story" by Leigh Anne
The last moments of Michaela's life, as a very old grandmother,
during a family gathering at Christmas.

"Mahtohto" by Karma1987
The season 10 story in my Cheyenne Number carry on seasons.
Follow on to "Nesohto," "Nanohto" and "Soohto."

"Memoirs of a Broken Window" by Esther Gross
Life in the Old Homestead from the perspective of the little front window.

"Memoirs of a Tomahawk" by Esther Gross
What would it be like to be Sully's closest companion, ready always for
instant service--to help him defuse danger, make a point, or show off
their skills together? Sully's faithful tomahawk recounts the adventurous
high points and low points of life with the handsome mountain man.
"My Heart" by The River Watcher
While going through his belongings just before the wedding, Sully rediscovers a
carving that reminds him of a past Valentine's Day spent with Michaela.

"A Matter of the Heart" by Debby K
A controversial couple comes to Colorado Springs, practicing "free love."
Michaela's reaction to their behavior ultimately stirs trouble with Sully.

"A Matter of Trust" by Debby K
Three couples face the challenges of having a trusting relationship. Michaela and Sully
experience a major falling out over the issue of trust. Hank and Lexie move forward in
their relationship, trusting that their choice is the right one. Jake faces the loss of
trust of his family.

"Making Peace" by Debby K
Many townsfolk attempt to make peace with their relationships, past and present. The
arrival of a package in Colorado Springs turns the week before Christmas into an
emotionally draining time for Sully. Hank and Lexie experience changes in their
relationship as they cope with parenthood. Brian meets a young lady who turns his head.
Jake and Teresa receive surprising news. Other surprises await the Sullys for Christmas.

"Much Ado About Hamlet" by SoldierBlue
(June 1875)
Dorothy still hasn't made up her mind about the midsummer play,
much to the distress of her company. "Hamlet" is her dream, but...
Hard to put up with a ghost that won't leave the stage, a vacant title
role, and the Queen that, well, the Queen, uhm...

"A Match Made in Heaven" by Kruemi
Have you ever wondered why the love between Michaela and Sully was so special?
I might have found an answer. Please take this story as a little fun.

"Miracles Unbound" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Blessed")
Michaela gives Sully some exciting news while Robert E. and Grace ponder adoption.

"Making Miracles" by Ashley J
A series that changes and adds to the events that transpired in Season 4. Each part
revolves around one episode. Part I begins with Season 4 Episode 1 and so on.

"Many Happy Returns" by Ashley J
Taking place after "Happy Birthday," Michaela and Sully say goodnight after their kiss.

"Memoirs of a Lady Doctor" by Ashley J
A Work in Progress story following Michaela Quinn from her birth
in Boston through the rest of her life. What paths will she take? What
hardships will she over come? Will she find the man she's supposed
to spend the rest of her life with?

"Michaela's Rose" by Ashley J
After Michaela races Flash, she receives some unexpected visitors at the homestead.
Later, Michaela and Sully spend some time together at Willow Creek.

"Mood Swing" by Ashley J
With Michaela's due date so close, her mood swings are becoming stronger and more
frequently. Will Sully be able to survive them until his child is born?

"Morning Dreams" by Elizaellen
Sully and Michaela share their first morning together as man and wife in part 1 and 2.
In part 3, they spend the last morning of their honeymoon together.

"March Story" by Mullerakanat
Dreams and memories for Michaela and Sully.

"Miracles" by Mandy
Mike gives birth to triplets, and there's another surprise in store for Robert E.

"Michaela's Nemesis" by Linda4Him59
This is the sequel to my story "The Twin". Sully is warned by Cloud Dancing that a female
will try and come between he and Michaela, so he does everything he can to keep that from happening. Will he be untrue to Michaela?

"Michaela's Choice" by Linda4Him59
Slightly AR. It's 1867. Michaela, engaged to Captain David Lewis, travels to join him
where he is stationed in Arizona. Once there, she meets the enigmatic Lieutenant Byron Sully
and has to make the first of many choices - settle for what her mother deems a 'good match'...
or risk everything for love. Don't worry, Colorado Springs does come into play later in the story.

"The Mask of Black Hawk" by Linda4Him59
Michaela meets a mysterious half-breed Indian and she's unexpectedly drawn to him. But
she's in love with Sully...how could she be attracted to two men at the same time?

"Michaela's Humiliation" by Linda4Him59
(A picture challenge)
It's a funny piece where Michaela falls in the mud, totally covered, and the men at
the saloon laugh and make fun of her. Only this time, she goes off in a tizzy because
of an unknown 'condition.'

"Man of the House" by Wendymypooh
Matthew Cooper feels the need to help his ma take care of the family more,
if only he could make his Ma understand.

"The Maroon Dress" by Clarebear48
The story of the same dress. How it went back to Michaela.

"Misadventure" by Clarebear48
Just a bit of humour, a short story from a picture challenge. Explaination in the beginning.

"My Best Friend and I...Wolf's Story" by Clarebear48
Wolf and Sully were unique and their love transended their differences.
They loved each other and really where the very best of friends.

"Michaela's Surprise" by Clarebear48
Summer Challenge 2011 Sully squatting near the fire with Cloud Dancing then Dr Mike
thanking Cloud Dancing while seated on her horse.

"Matthew's Ordeal" by Clarebear48
Matthew's troubled feelings after his loss of Ingrid in tragic circumstances.

"Medieval Carnival" by Clarebear48
A modern story of a fun family outing at a Medieval Carnival.

"Matthew's Fear" by Clarebear48
In "Crossing the Line" Mathew was forced to come to terms with his decision.

"Maybe" by Jules Griffith
This story was written in an hour, based on the episode Happy Birthday. What happens
when Maybe turns into Yes for Sully and Michaela after their first kiss?

"Mending Hearts" by Saray Martinez