Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
(Sequel to "Tears of Doubt")
After Thanksgiving everyone, including Michaela herself, thinks she has recovered from
her post-miscarriage depression. But certain events lead her back into a whirlwind of
emotions that she's not sure how to control. Grace's child is born and Colleen
proposes an intriguing idea for Michaela and Sully. Through it all, Michaela realizes
that the pain will fade.

"Part of Life" by Mandy
Sixteen-year-old Katie is facing the world of college as Colleen faces motherhood.
Colleen and Andrew have a successful practice in California but come to Colorado Springs
to have the baby. However, the Quinn family are all in for a big surprise.

"Past Fears" by LovelyLene
A sequel to this story is author's "Child of Mine."

"Pathways and Discoveries" by Megan Lavey
A dime store novel "The Adventures of Cheyenne Sully" wreaks havok in the Sully
household as family stories are revealed to the public. Who wrote it? Hannah,
Sully's daughter, comes back into their lives.

"A Piece of Paradise" by LovelyLene
Hank catches Michaela at an embarrassing moment and of course
he has to make her suffer a little bit, just for the fun of it…

"A Place Called Home" by Mandy
As Michaela, Sully and Katie are on their way to a trip to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania,
there is horrible train wreck. Sully is badly hurt and unconscious. Although it seems
as if he will never wake up again, he awakes with amnesia. Will life ever again be the
same for the Quinn family?

"The Promise" by Annie
On a stormy night, before leaving for a patient's house, Michaela promises Sully she'll
return before midnight. She keeps her promise, in a way...

"Pleasure and Pain, Closer to Me" by Amallie Walge
When Sully must help a band of Cheyenne move, Michaela
accuses him of putting the Cheyenne before his wife and children.

"Perfect Love" by dqmwartist
Packing a carpet bag and a trunk, Adrienne left her home in Virginia to begin a new
life in the West. She was unaware of how rugged a town Colorado Springs would be,
and how much she would need to adjust to a new way of life. Dorothy generously gives
her a room upstairs in the General Store with much protesting from Loren. The
sheriff's deputy seems to have also taken a liking to Adrienne along with his dog.
Adrienne begins to settle in little by little each day as her new life begins to unfold.
Authors note: This takes place after "Tin Star" and before Michaela gives birth to Katie.

"Place in the Heart" by dqmwartist
(A novel)
After arriving in Colorado Springs, Laura wants to start a new life for herself. But
when her brothers' actions come full circle, will her dreams of a new life be shattered?
Hank's feelings for Myra surface when she is badly hurt by a customer. Later when Hank
falls for a girl he meets in Denver and she leaves, can Myra make him see the error of his
ways? Sully and Michaela continue to explore their budding relationship.

"Pure, Simple, True" by Jean McQuaid
Michaela and Sully come to terms with another woman.

"Presumed Dead" by Lizzie Darcy
Michaela and Sully haven't been getting along well recently, and finally Michaela leaves
for a medical conference, furious with Sully. The day her train is set to return, Sully
receives a devastating telegram...the train has crashed...with no survivors.

"Part of Your World" by dqmwartist
(Prequel to "Hearts A Fire")
Michaela's journey to Boston brings about her buried feelings for Sully,
only to be threatened by William's flattery. Sully's dreams of the
future come full circle in his feelings for Michaela as he realizes
he truly does love her and makes way for Boston.

"The Power of Love" by Anna Skylar
Can Michaela and Sully's love for each other survive even the toughest of challenges?

"Patchwork of Dreams" dqmwartist

"Playing With Fire" by Amber Stockton
When Hank meets Kay, a barmaid who looks and talks just like Michaela, he fights the
desire to stay and returns home to find Michaela gone, but convinces Sully to come
back with him. What will happen when they return...?

"Perhaps Love" by ClareBear48
Sully sharing with Michaela about their amazing love.

"Pride" by Crazy C & Fann
Spring has come to the Gray Wolf Tribe and it is time for the Animal Dance,
all the men must dress up as animals and be hunted. Will Michaela and
Breeze hunt Sully and Daniel?

"The Peak" by SL Snyder
Sully, Michaela and Brian guide friends of Welland Smith up Pike's Peak.

"Plans and Stories" by SL Snyder
Matthew brings a story home from Denver and plans are made for a blizzard.

"Pleasant Days Pleasant Nights" by SL Snyder
A wedding and new prospects.

"Population Explosion" by SL Snyder
Pregnant ladies all around while Colleen and Andrew take a
trip to Denver and a new engagement.

"Preparations" by SL Snyder
Preparations for another wedding and Thanksgiving.

"Promise" by SL Snyder
Katie's birthday and an accident.

"Portraits Continued" by Undecidable13
Sully and Michaela's talk in "Portraits"... with a slightly different outcome.

"Playing Doctor" by Bratling
This story falls into the missing enthusiasm category, and takes place after
Sully's and Michaela's marriage. Which means that it's not for kiddies.
If you're under 18, there's a little back arrow you should be clicking
on right now. This has no plot. It is an unabashed Enthusiasm Cookie.

"Powers of Healing" by Debby K
Sully leads the Hayden expedition in search of The Mountain of the
Holy Cross, while Cloud Dancing helps Michaela deal with a long
suppressed burden she has never shared with her husband.

"Passages" by Debby K
Michaela must deal with a dying patient whose family is being torn apart
by a calculating woman. Meanwhile, her mother and sister come for a
visit, and Sully faces an injury that may change his relationship with his wife.

"Post-Revolutions" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully are reunited with their family after bringing Katie
back from Mexico. However, the separation from his parents has taken its
toll on their youngest child, Josef. Colleen and Andrew make an important
decision regarding their future, and Hank sets in motion a series of events
that backfires on him.

"Passions and Principles" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully's relationship is tested by events that unfold when the women of town
take a page out of a Greek drama to pressure the men to end prostitution. One of Hank's
girls reveals some surprising news that prompts Michaela to summon William and Catherine
Burke to Colorado Springs.

"The Pursuit of Happiness" by Debby K
Preston's money-making scheme will have a dramatic effect on Michaela
and Sully's future. Michaela has some surprise visitors for the groundbreaking
of her new hospital. Grace begins to experience labor pains, two months early.
The Reverend and Isabel come to the aid of an abused child.

"Promises to Keep" by Kruemi
(Sequel "Walking After You")

"Parting Words" by Ashley J
Fills the gap between Sully comforting Michaela and
her departure to Boston in "Where the Heart Is."

"Past Mistakes" by Ashley J
Brian receives a shocking visit from his birth father. What will happen
to trigger some repressed emotions to surface in Brian? How will Brian
react to his father's news?

"Pieces of Me" by Ashley J
As Sully searches for Michaela and the Dog Soldiers, Michaela
fights for her life. When Sully finds her, he knows his life
is about to change forever.

"Poppy's Dance" by Ashley J
Before his youngest daughter's wedding, Sully remembers all of the
good times he's spent with her, and he tries to let go and look
forward to the future.

"The Phoenix" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Through the Darkness")
Michaela and Sully continue on their journey out west. They meet new friends and
begin to build a life together. Will the horrible nightmare of
Michaela's past catch up with them or be left forever in Boston?

"The Photograph" by Ashley J
After Daniel Watkins takes his photo of the citizens of Colorado
Springs, Michaela and Sully are left with their feelings
for one another, and both are lost in which direction they should take.

"The Picnic" by Ashley J
Michaela and Sully enjoy an afternoon picnic together. Takes place
during "Mothers and Daughters." Warning: This fic contains a consensual
sexual situation between two married people.

"A Path Through the Dark" by Elizaellen
This is a modern day fanfic. Grief can leave us alone, isolated in the darkness.
This is a truth Michaela Quinn knows only too well since the passing of her father.
At her fiance's request, Michaela joins a support group setting in motion events that
will change her life and give her a light in the dark.

"The Places to Love" by Elizaellen
A sequel to A Sense of Belonging. Join the newlyweds as they discover joy in
the midst of heartache while making bridges with the past and the future.

"A Perfect Christmas" by Linda4Him59
Written for the Dec 2009 pic/quote forum challenge. Life is perfect for our favorite couple.
Just a little story of one week intheir lives. A feel good story to make you smile.

"The Perfect Tree" by Linda4Him59
Short story written for the Dec 2012 DQ Forum Pic/Quote challenge. Using the two pics
shown here (click on the pic to see it larger), the idea was to use them and two quotes in
a story, keeping it under 1500 words. Premise is Sully is determined to find his Heartsong
a perfect tree for Christmas. Daniel goes along to help. The quotes are in bold.

"Pleasant Dreams" by Clarebear48
From a Picture Challenge desciption inside. Mike dreams of Sully when she is a hostage.

"Pandora's Box Opened" by Clarebear48
Sully's secret is finally out and he is in mortal danger.