Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Redemption" by Alethea White
En route to see Andrew, Colleen is attacked by a band of men, in the blackness of night,
and all but her life is stolen from her. Andrew must help her regain herself, and show her
his love that he has kept hidden for so long.

"Reflections And Dreams" by Rachel
This story is set somewhere between "A New Life" and "Mothers And Daughters."

"The River" by Diane Schlichting
Michaela and Sully enjoy an afternoon alone in the mountains, renewing their strong
feelings for one another. However, their moments of love are shattered when a walk
along the river becomes a near tragedy.

"Revenge" by Rebekah Dickey
The Currier brothers return to town after getting out of jail,
where they track down Michaela and begin taking their revenge.

"Roses Bloom Every Spring" by Megan JP
After Elizabeth dies everyone returns home. Their lives get back to normal but they
are hurting inside from the loss of a loved one. When the pain and anger becomes
so unbearable for them they must turn to one another for comfort and find a way to heal
the inner pain from the loss they feel.

"Revelation" by author unknown
If you know who wrote this story, kindly contact your hostess.

"Rescue in Boston" by Tess Thieler
In the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman episode, Return Engagement, Michaela's sudden
recognition of her former fiancé, Dr. David Lewis, caused her to reevaluate her future
with her beloved Sully. What if the tables were turned and Sully's unexpected
appearance at David and Michaela's engagement party caused her to review
her true feelings for David? Can Sully convince Michaela
that true love is worth waiting for?

(Sequel to "Rescue in Boston")
Torn between the loyalty she feels for one man and the chemistry she experiences
with another, Dr. Michaela Quinn has some decisions to make. Can the bold actions
of a rustic mountain man sway her to believe in true love?

"Reason to Forgive" by Janine D.
The story picks up where Sully is leaving the homestead in "A House Divided"...

"Restless Spirits" by Sandi
Sully goes on a vision quest and discovers what is really important in his life.

"Rope Around the Heart" by Elynna
When Michaela is called away to help deliver a baby Sully begins to feel knotted up inside.
Does his feeling have anything to do with Michaela's saftey? When she doesn't return on
time the rope around Sully's heart gets tighter!

"Rebirth" by Crazy C & Fann
Daniel is the victim of a hate crime. Will he survive long enough to see the creation of
the family he's always longed for? As the Gray Wolf Tribe prepares to move on,
Sully and his family must make a tough decision. Will Daniel lose the best friends
he's ever had?

"Reasons to Celebrate" by SL Snyder
A wedding, a new business and a happy announcement.

"Recovery" by SL Snyder
Sully is stabbed.

"The Rescue" by SL Snyder
Preston's bank is robbed and Teresa and Brian are taken hostage.

"Reverend and the Lady" by SL Snyder
Reverend Johnson falls in love.

"The Right Choice" by SL Snyder
David returns.

"Rescue and Redemption" by Rebecca Burkhart
Sully miraculously survives a fall from a deadly cliff, but now he faces trial for murder
and treason. Will Michaela's love be enough to get him through this difficult time?
"Restitution" Jean McQuaid and Sandi99
"He says that the whites have angered the Spirits once too often,
that they destroy the land without offerin' up prayers for
forgiveness. Says they don't care - that they build their railroads
and cut the animals off from their migration routes, they blast the
mountains and hills with dynamite and steal the metal from the ground,
they kill off the buffalo and let the meat rot in the sun. On
top of what they did to the Cheyenne and the other tribes. Cloud Dancin'
says that Mother Earth wants revenge. The Spirits told 'im..."

"Release" by Ron Bell
(Sequel to "Temptation" and the pre-quel to "Reunion")
Sully and Michaela will get back together after their independent epiphanies

"Reunion" by Ron Bell
If you have not read "Temptation" and "Release", to understand what's
going on here, I recommend you start with those stories in that order.

"Rendezvous" by Debby K
Michaela receives an invitation from a "secret admirer" to meet her at
a secluded cabin and, anticipating she will find Sully, is shocked at what
awaits her there. Colleen and Andrew return to Colorado Springs in search
of two missing friends. Cloud Dancing and Dorothy prepare for a journey.
Matthew becomes involved in a murder investigation, while Sully and
Michaela deal with Katie's impending first day of school.

"Revenge" by Debby K
The growing tension between Sully and Preston comes to a head with
tragic consequences. Katie and Josef become acquainted with a new pet.
The Reverend and Isabel grow concerned over Wendell's safety.

"Recovery" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully attempt to move past the emotional turmoil of the
past few weeks. Cloud Dancing discovers a diabolical plot by the Army.
Jake and Teresa face an insurmountable threat to their marriage. Hank
meets a lady with a past which she must keep hidden.

"Remembrance of Things Past" by Debby K
Michaela and Sully travel to Philadelphia for her medical college reunion, but things
do not go as they anticipate. This story is in the spirit of a clips episode
of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

"The Right People" by Debby K
As Michaela and Sully prepare for their eleventh wedding anniversary, the ladies of
Colorado Springs are divided over the invitation list to a prestigious social event.

"The Red Needle" by SoldierBlue
 (September 1873)
With danger looming ahead, McKay and Alison have to make difficult
decisions about each other, but their path was traced from the very beginning.
As long as everyone stays alive...

"Rock-a-Bye" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "A Season of Miracles")
Michaela and Sully prepare for the birth of their first child. Myra decides
who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The Cooper children
adjust to Dr. Mike's constant mood swings.

"Reconnecting" by Ashley J
After Daniel departs in "A House Divided," Michaela and Sully make up.

"Remember When" by Ashley J
Michaela Quinn reminisces about her life with her husband, Byron Sully.

"Rescued" by Ashley J
After "The Abduction," Sully and Michaela discuss their relationship and their feelings
for one another. Can Michaela forgive and trust Sully after what happened with Catherine?
Can Sully help Michaela in her time of need?

"Rain" by Elizaellen
Set three months into Sully and Michaela's marriage during a summer storm.

"Renewing Bonds" by Elizaellen
This short story takes place after the episode "Promises Promises" and follows Sully to
Virgina City, Nevada. What happens when old friend reunite and the newlyweds are
separated for the first time?

"Rescuing You" by Mullerakanat
Michaela and Sully meet in Boston, Michaela has graduated and is a doctor working with
her father at the hospital and Sully is in Boston before he heads out to Colorado Springs.
They meet and fall for eachother but it's not smooth sailing.

"Rose" by Mullerakanat
Romance between Dr Quinn and Sully in 1877.

"Regrets" by Wendymypooh
Charlotte Cooper grieves over the deaths of Abigail and Hannah Sully, and regrets not
having had the skills needed to save their lives.