Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Safety Measures" by Pam Hunter
(Sequel to "A Perfect World") (Virtual 7th season episode)
When your world is changing so rapidly you feel overwhelmed ... and the people around
you seem to act in ways that bring both confusion and heartache.... its time to wrest
back some control. Sully and Cloud Dancing fight both progress and prejudice, and
in so doing, take some "Safety Measures"

"San Francisco" by Jen Smith
Colleen and Brian are visiting their real pa, Ethan, when an earthquake strikes!

"Satin and Lace" by CP Briar
Sully and Michaela enjoy their second night as a married couple...

"Seasons of Change" by Hilary Winn
Michaela and Sully travel to Boston to visit Dr. Cook and his wife, Dr. Cook! Little do
they know both Colleen and Michaela will receive a very special surprise.

"Second Chances" by Becky H
Michaela and Sully struggle to cope with the loss of a child, and Michaela wonders
if their love will sustain such a tragic, heart-breaking event.

"Seeing Red" by Pam Hunter
Away from their comfortable and familiar life in Colorado Springs, Michaela and
Sully realise that they still see things somewhat differently.

"The Second Proposal" by Bridget M. Thellmann
Newly engaged, Sully decides to show Michaela a very special place.

"A Sparkle in the River" by Messa and Ashes
(Virtual 8th season episode)
When gold is discovered in the Black Hills, the Army sees an opportunity they cannot
pass up. Sully, however, fears the worst for Cloud Dancing and the other Indians.
Despite Michaela's protests, Sully responds to Cloud Dancing's request for help.
Dorothy accompanies Sully to the Black Hills in order to clarify her relationship
with Cloud Dancing. Meanwhile Michaela is left at home alone to take care of a
new baby and a jealous Katie.

"The Storm Before the Calm" by Pam Hunter
 (Written before "To Have and to Hold" aired)
Sully and Michaela until they are stranded in an abandoned cabin.

"Seeds of Doubt" by Cynthia Lamoureux
On a beautiful spring day, Michaela and Sarah were going out of town to see a few
patients. As they were riding, they spotted two rugged men heading their way. Dr. Mike
and Sarah were harassed by them. Michaela was raped, sparing Sarah. Michaela was not
the same after the ordeal and took it all on herself. Now she has to deal
with the consequences of the rape.

Songs of my Heart by Rachel
Short stories using song lyrics as poetry.

Part 1 - "A Question of Faith"

Part 2 - "The Rain of Emotion"

Part 3 - "Time Apart"

Part 4 - "Restless"

Part 5 - "Freedom"

"The Seeds are Planted" by Dhalma Y. Hern
When Attorney James is appointed by Washington as the new
Indian supervisor, everyone gets more than they bargained for!

"Snowbound" by Diane Schlichting
Michaela and Sully are caught in a blizzard while returning from the reservation.
They take shelter in an abandoned shack. While trapped, they talk about the
miscarriage and renew their love for one another.

"The Special Things" by dqmwartist
Will Sully tell Michaela who killed Rankin?

"Sully's French Maid" by Tess Thieler
Is Sully's experience real or imagined?  A sexy, yet humorous
look at Dr. Mike in a way we've never seen her before.

"Safe From Harm" by dqmwartist
Sully fears for Michaela's safety when she takes a runaway girl into her care.

"Soul" by Annie
Brian remembers Michaela after she is long gone...

"Stronger" by Megan JP
Sully's life has been filled with so much pain. He has lost so many
people very dear to him. He has been to hell and back. He has
been in the darkest of places. Find out how he dealt with each sadness
and why his heart didn't break but in the end made him stronger.

"Sully's Hard Choice" by Ane
Sully thought he'd never see Abagail again, but then one day, the unbelievable
happens. Now Sully has a huge dilemma, Michaela or Abagail, future or past?

"The Softer Side" by author unknown
If you know who wrote this story, kindly contact your hostess.

"Song of My Heart" by dqmwartist
Picks up where "Return Engagement" left off. Michaela and
Sully enjoy each other's company while discussing married life.
Meanwhile Brian struggles with a school project.

"Sully's Atonement" by Michelle Iris Pagan
(Continuation of "Revolutions")
Right after the kidnapping in "Revolutions," Sully is having a hard
time dealing with what might have happened. Will his guilt cause
him to leave behind the people he loves?

"Sully's Story" by Marilyn Levinson and Karen Holp
Sully's life before he met Michaela, as a boy in New York.

"So Many Memories" by Jean McQuaid
A beautiful story of family and friends in the town we all love so dearly!

"Shades of Gray" by Tracy
A devastating epidemic strikes Colorado Springs. Hundreds of people were dying in the
south of the yellow fever. Unknowingly, Dr. Andrew Cook brought the sickness when he
comes to visit with his pregnant wife, Colleen. Also, Dr. Mike and Sully are having
problems, while the deadly disease threatens to destroy them all.

"The Surprise" by Rachel
Warning: The following story contains a strong, yet not as strong as to be pornographic,
love scene between two married and consenting adults. If this type of material offends
you then please turn back now. This is my interpretation of what may have happened on their journey home in "The Homecoming" if they hadn't met the travellers.

"Someone to Bring Them Together" by Cheryl Pimental
Michaela and Sully are courting but Sully starts to believe
Michaela's not frightened of him, but doesn't want to be close
with him. Another woman comes along and definitely wants to be
close with Sully - - and he doesn't resist! How will Sully and
Michaela resume their relationship???

"Sully's Birthday Surprise" by Jean Campbell
Shirts or skins? This story settles the great debate over what Sully should where to bed.

"Sully's Song" by Jean Campbell
A different take on the honeymoon of Michaela and Sully.
"Survival" by Gina
Sully, Mike, Brian, and Katie travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota in order to find
Cloud Dancing. They are mourning the death of their child and need guidance to heal
from the medicine man. On their way back, things take a turn for the worse when they run
into Custer and he kidnaps Dr. Mike. Find out what happens as Sully attempts to rescue Michaela, only for her to slip through his fingers once again. Will he ever find his wife
and will he be able to help what is left of the Cheyenne before Custer attacks?
This story includes real events from the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

"The Swan Song" by LovelyLene
Sully has trouble moving on with his life after Michaela's sudden death…

"Sully's Claim" by Jean Campbell
Daniel finds that spending the night in Katie's room, sharing a wall with Michaela and
Sully's bedroom, is much more difficult than he imagined, especially when the object
of his affection is a certain long haired, Boston-bred, married, beauty.

"Second Chances" by Amber Stockton
(Virtual 7th season episode)
When chicken pox comes to town, Teresa and Jake care for Colin, so Dr. Mike can tend
to Katie. Perhaps "Second Chances" for happiness really do exist.

"The Scars of a Child" by Amber Stockton
(Virtual 7th season episode)
A little boy found while Sully and Brian are out
checking traps causes concern at the homestead.

"Starting Over" by Ash8585

"Say the Words" by DQ Fan
(Sequel to "A Journey Home") (Dr Quinn - Higher Ground crossover) 
Peter and Sophie finally tie the knot, with more help from Peter's ancestors, a weird
old couple who managed to erase the "till death do us part" from their marriage vows…

"Saving Michaela" by SL Snyder
A patient far into the woods sends for the doctor's help, but Michaela soon learns
that he has other things and mind, and that Sully is her only hope of escape.

"Seeds of Love" by SL Snyder
Young love for Brian and Sarah.

"The Spirits Approve" by SL Snyder
Cloud Dancing and Dorothy at his teepee.

"The Space Between" by ElizabethDQMW
M/S Episode Filler. This will be different, but hopefully 'good different'. I just need you
to trust me, go with it, and read it through until the end. Timeline will reveal itself.
I rated itM, but it's probably more of a T. No explicit scenes.

"Shall We" by Saray Martinez

"Soul Games" by Deborah Melendez
A mysterious stranger comes to Colorado Springs and
forces Sully to chose between saving his life...or his soul.

"Secrets of the Past" by Cynthia Lamoureux
After her mother's death, Michaela was sorting Elizabeth's belongings to keep the items
she thought were too personal to auction. Through her search, she found a key that
belonged to her father's desk and a picture of her when she was a toddler. However,
it was torn and she could not see the person she was with. In her father's desk, she
discovered the answer to the torn picture. Theunthinkable secret brought her to the
realization that her mother and father lied to her all her life. The coming out of
the unraveled truth unlocked adventures, heartbreaks, and new loves.

"Sorrows" by Bratling
This spins off canon after "The Comfort of Friends"... As far as we know, Colleen and
Rebecca were never told about the baby or the miscarriage... but what if they were?

"The Shroud Unwoven" by The River Watcher
Years after being separated from his family, Sully struggles to return home to his wife.
As Michaela fights to keep things together for her children, she begins to wonder who the mysterious man in town really is, and what truly happened to her husband.

"Simple Words" by Rianne
A little bit of acceptance can go along way...

"Starting All Over Again" by Rianne
The effects of Marjorie Quinn? Are the townsfolk of Colorado Springs really ready?
This story takes place during the season 5 episode "Starting Over."

"The Second Visit" by Lulu242
This story picks up after Season 2's episode, "Dr. Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale."
What will happen when Sully has a "dream" of his own on Christmas Eve?

"Sins of the Father" by Debby K
Sully's past comes back to haunt him when an attempt is made on Katie's life.
Cloud Dancing helps him to deal with issues that have resurfaced after many years.

"Second Chance" by Debby K
Ethan Cooper returns to Colorado Springs and quickly puts Michaela and Sully's
children in jeopardy. His opportunity to make amends with his son is lost when he
deems business concerns more important than Brian.

"Solitude" by Debby K
Josef is about to turn two years old, but the plans for his party
are interrupted when Sully abruptly departs. A disheartened Michaela
searches for him, placing her own health in jeopardy.

"The Scrapbook" by Debby K
(A Pictorial Story)
In this short story, Michaela and Sully eavesdrop as their children leaf through a family
photo album. Using her imagination, Katie explains the pictures to Josef. Photographs
from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" are interspersed through the story.

"The Sunshine of Thine Eyes" by Debby K
It is December 1878, and surprises arrive from Boston. One is from a
lawyer whom Michaela knew in her youth. He comes to Colorado Springs
with the terms of her mother's estate, creating discord in her marriage.
Sully receives help in exposing the illegal activities of a lumber syndicate.
He also imagines what it would have been like to meet and court Michaela
in her Boston youth. Illness hits Colorado Springs, and not everyone recovers.

"Steps in the Darkness" by Debby K
Sully and Brian arrive from Denver to celebrate Michaela's birthday.
However, an article in The Rocky Mountain News places her life in jeopardy
and brings back painful memories for Katie. Myra receives some disturbing
news, and Kid Cole and Sister Ruth pay a visit to Colorado Springs.

"Second Thoughts" by Debby K
Many residents of Colorado Springs are having second thoughts. Michaela's instincts
about Quantrell lead Matthew, Sully and Cloud Dancing to investigate the man's
background, with fatal consequences. Hank borrows heavily from Preston while he
and Lexie struggle to overcome the second thoughts they are having. Cloud Dancing
decides on a course of action that may changethe life of his people forever.

"A Stalwart" by Debby K
The Sully Family ventures east to visit Brian in Washington, DC. While
there, they witness a horrible event, one which leaves Michaela tragically
unable to help. Then they travel to a beautiful island off the coast of Maine,
where more adventures and danger await.

"Survivors" by SoldierBlue
A newly-enlisted kid takes a liking to his instructor, but receives only distance and even
hostility in return. The kid gets really angry, and the young NCO is forced to face his
still-recent Civil War scars and begin the long road home.

"Sons of the Fire" by SoldierBlue
 (November 1873)
Grandpa Angus comes to Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving and discovers his
grandson has forgotten the land of their fathers. Cloud Dancing sympathises.
Humour and good feelings.

"Seeds of Doubt - Flowers of Promise" by Claire
The episode Seeds of Doubt rewritten through Colleen and Andrew's perspectives.

"Starting Anew" by Jenna and Adair
A story about after Colleen's graduation, when the couple return to Colorado Springs.

"Second Chances" by Kruemi
Will Michaela and Sully recognize their second chance and take it
after their dreams had been shattered? A Modern Day story

"Sully's Lullaby" by Kruemi
Written for the Picture Challenge in April 2010

"A Season of Miracles" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Something Borrowed, Something Blue")
Michaela and Sully deal with married life, the joy it brings and the trials they face.

"Something Borrowed, Something Blue" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "After Boston")
With the wedding approaching, Sully tries to help Michaela cope with the fact that
Charlotte is rapidly ailing all while trying to keep their new family together.

"Starting Fires" by Ashley J
A rewrite of the laying a fire scene from "Where the Heart Is."

"The Strongest Woman" by Ashley J
With Michaela feeling guilty about the happenings in "The Offering,"
Sully offers her a shoulder to lean on.

"A Sense of Belonging" by Elizaellen
A modern day fic in which mother and daughter must come to terms. Elizabeth
struggles with Michaela's recent engagement while Michaela learns that she must live
her own life with or without her mother's approval.

"Setting the Mood" by Mullerakanat
A bit of romance...

"Sir Byron of Sully" by Linda4Him59
Written for the Valentines 2010 Forum Challenge. Satire on Robin Hood. Sir Byron
is warned in a note from Maid Michaela not to attend the tomahawk throwing contest.
But of course he goes anyway.

"Shared Destinies" by Linda4Him59
A shortie - an alternate way for Sully and Michaela to meet and fall in love. Sully comes
to a stranger's defense, but she'sdoing a good job of fighting her battle on her own!

"Sully's Sagwa" by Linda4Him59
Short story for forum challenge. Friends and family are worried when Sully and Michaela
suddenly go missing. Michaela has plans for her handsome husband and wants to make
sure they won't be disturbed.

"Sully's Shirt" by Linda4Him59
A one-shot missing scene. This story continues the scene in Man in the Moon, Michaela
washing clothes and Sully gazing at her, as they discuss Horace and Myra. What happened
after the camera stopped the scene? He was holding her hand, she
was gazing up at him...it has something to do with his shirt, wink wink.

"The Strong, Silent Type" by Linda4Him59
Sully gets some free advice from his friends about the lovely lady doc. Just a bit of
 comic pre-courtship fluff, written as a forum picture challenge. The pics were 1 - the
Reverend gazing at Michaela, Sully in the background looking concerned. 2 - Sully paying
Loren in the store, Loren's hair dark, wearing his red collar suit.

"Shall We" by Ashley J
After their oldest daughter's wedding, Sully presents
the mother of the bride with a special gift.

"A Special Day" by Wendymypooh
The Coopers celebrate Brian's 8th birthday.

"Sorrow" by Wendymypooh
Loren and Maude Bray are grief stricken over the loss of their beloved daughter.

"So Many Changes" by Becky H
Brian and Katie adjust to the changes a new baby brings, and Michaela
and Sully discover their love only grows with the birth of their first son.

Sóohto by Karma 1987
A Season 9 story, Part 3 of the Cheyenne Number Series.
Follow on from "Nesohto" and "Na'nohto."

"Something Good Can Happen" by Clarebear48
What would make a desperate father to take drastic measures?
What would become of the situation?

"Sully's Secret" by Clarebear48
A short story from a picture challenge. Pictures explained at the beginning.
The story is after Sully was in hiding.

"Samantha's Memories" by Clarebear48
May Picture challenge Hank and Myra with Samantha and
Dr. Mike with a baby on the clinic porch.

"Sully's Recovery" by Clarebear48
Who honestly thought Sully would recover from the life threatening beating he
received from Rankin in 1868. What hope could he have with out help.

"Sully's and Michaela's Gift" by Clarebear48
This follows Sully's Journey and Sully's Spirituality. It looks at how they weave their lives
and souls together. How they come together.

"Sully's Spirituality" by Clarebear48
Continueing Sully's Journey with what influenced him in his journey

"Sully's Journey" by Clarebear48
A look at Sully's journey from the time he was young and what effected him.
Made him the man he was.

"Sully's Anguish" by Judy G
 A letter written years ago has a devastating effect on Sully.
Set after season 6 but before the movies.