Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Tailor Made" by Pam Hunter
After years of living in the wilderness will Sully adjust to this 'new suit' called marriage?

"Thanksgiving" by Rachel
This story is what might have happened after the cameras stopped rolling in "A Time To
Heal Part 2." Warning: It contains a romantic yet graphic sexual encounter between
two people who love each other enough that they would die for each other. If this type
of thing upsets you then turn back now.

"They Mate for Life" by Cathy Ellison
Sully gives Michaela a beautiful carved Hawk while they are courting,
and the gift reappears years later on a very special Thanksgiving.

"The Talk" by Rachel
(Missing Scene Challenge 5 Episode: "A New Life")
Between the plate breaking and the following morning.

"13:47" by Annie
One minute in the life of Colorado Springs.

"The Ties That Bind" by Pam Hunter
How did Sully and Michaela really cope after the miscarriage?

"Team Together" by Karl N.
Written in "script" form, this episode is set for a new season following the TV movies.
After friends and family missing them, comes a story about the townfolk suddenly being together since some have left Colorado Springs.

"A Time to Truly Heal" by Esther Gross
Following Sully's time as a fugitive, Michaela feels the need for
some time away, just the two of them, to work through the
painful emotions of that experience. But how will Sully feel about it?

"Tears of Doubt" by Melissa
(Sequel to "Phantom Faces")
After Michaela has a miscarriage, she falls into a deep depression.
It is up to Sully to help her get through the tragic and devastating loss.

"To Live with Fear" by Diane Schlichting
Through a medical accident, Michaela is injected with a deadly disease.
Sully must take her to Boston where the doctors try to save her life.

"Tears of Past Pain" by Megan JP
(Sequel to "Hidden Secrets")
Michaela and Sully have found their love after years of denying their feelings. They
finally have found happiness, but out of the shadows comes more challenges. It will dig
up the past and reopen the wounds that hurt so much. Before it is over they will discover something that might bring them together or tear them apart. They may loose everything
in an instant. Follow them on their greatest adventure yet, and see who will survive
and if their love will destroy them.

"To Love and to Cherish" by Pam Hunter
Part 3 of the Wedding Trilogy

"A Time to Mourn" by Shannon
(Dr. Quinn - Highlander crossover)
This is Hank at Colleen's graveside, being watched by a watcher.

"The Things I'll Do" by Shannon
(Dr. Quinn - Highlander Crossover)
Lighthearted look at a day in the life of immortals Hank Lawson and Colleen Cooper Cook.

"Too Late to Tell" by Elizabeth Smith
Colleen gets kidnapped! Will Andrew be able to save her
and tell her his feelings before it's too late?

"Through Our Eyes" dqmwartist
("For Better or Worse")
A missing scene story that reflects back on the words spoken to
Michaela about seeing things through their eyes just before Sully
leaves for a brief period before their wedding.

"Torn Apart" by dqmwartist
(Heart Song Trilogy 3)
Faced with a decision on whom to marry, Michaela is torn apart with the love she feels
for David and the love she has for Sully. Epilogue: Michaela makes her decision on
whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She leaves David to find
Sully hoping she is not too late.

"Tying the Knot" by Rebekah Dickey
A very romantic way to retell the wedding of Dr. Mike and Sully. Read their journal
entries as you relive the wedding and go along on the two week honeymoon.

"Too Hard to Forgive" by Anna Shepelev
Sully unexpectedly receives a letter from some lady, who asserts that she's...his mother.

"Totter to Bread and Butter" by Karl N.
(Sequel to "Team Together")
Michaela and Sully were shown a secret place out in the wildness by Cloud Dancing.
The spirits tell him they are too much in their own ways in their work and they need
a place where they can be together, just them. Meanwhile, Matthew has money
problems with a new wheel, and Colleen and Katie have their own Girl-Day.

"A True Hero" by Sarah Rooney
Little Katie is nearly killed by a train and remains unconscious
for days. This takes it's toll on the family, and especially Michaela,
seven months pregnant with her second child.

"Those Left Behind" by Ganna
(Sequel to "Life's Second Chance" and prequel to "Finding Comfort")
What is Sully's reaction after his wife dies?
How shall he face life without her? Who visits him to help him move on?

"A Trunk Full of Dreams" by dqmwartist
Michaela begins to adjust to spending the rest of her life with Sully at her side. She
slowly learns to rely on him as well as her loving family. Meanwhile Elizabeth makes
the journey to Colorado Springs to convince her daughter one last time that she
shouldn't marry Sully. But on the way something happens that just might change her mind.

"Temptation" by Ron Bell
While Sully is away, Michaela attends a medical conference in
New Orleans, and is dangerously attracted to a fellow physician.

"Truly Home" by Linda4Him59
A one-shot written by request. A missing scene from the epi The Homecoming where at
the end Sully & Michaela get on the road home for Christmas, & the next we see they
are coming in the door at home. This is my interpretation of them making a stop to rest on
the way, to warm up, talk, & reconnect. There is a love scene, but not over the M rating.

"Telling the World" by dqmwartist

"Times to Treasure" by Amber Stockton
(Virtual 7th season episode)
Tending to the needs of their family, Michaela and Sully's anniversary
plans are interrupted. When they finally reflect, they realize the "Times to
Treasure" are right now.

"Time Out of Mind" by Carolyn Williams
This story  harkens back to the period immediately following the Washita massacre,
and preceding Michaela's and Sully's wedding. This story describes the grief suffered by
Sully in the wake of the deaths of those that Sully had come to regard as his
"extended family."  In the process of coming to terms with these losses, Sully-along
with Michaela-must face more than one daunting obstacle.

"The Things I Never Said" by Cynthia Lamoureux
(Poignant sequel of "Secret of the Past")
This story continues the ventures of Michaela and Sully's
arduous road through the lives of their children and new family.
See how they unravel things they had never said before, things
that may change their future forever. Follow the hardships, the
compassion, and the love of the townspeople of Colorado Springs.

"A Trip of Love" by SL Snyder
An engagement, a new pregnancy, Sully and Michaela take a trip.

"Touch of Family" by SL Snyder
Family happenings and visitors arrive.

"Things Change" by Julie S
Colleen and Andrew return to Colorado Springs with a surprise (or two!) for the family.
But when an unfortunate turn of events leaves Andrew incapacitated, Michaela is
torn between saving one life or bringing two more into the world. Can she perform
an impossible feat and do both at once?

"True Feelings" by Undecidable13
After returning from the opera in Boston, and a lot of awkward moments Michaela
and Sully reveal their true feelings to each other!

"Transitions" by Debby K
Adapting to the many changes in their lives is not easy, particularly when Brian is
gravely injured, Matthew suffers a guilty conscience, and Colleen leaves her husband.
Finding time for each other presents a problem for Michaela and Sully amid these crises.

"Thanksgiving" by Debby K
Sully's help is enlisted by Deputy US Marshal Bass Reeves in capturing
two outlaws. He returns home to find Katie's life hanging in the balance.

"...That Never Finds the Day" by SoldierBlue
 (February 1874)
A ghost from Alison's past all but wrecks McKay's chances of being accepted by the
townsfolk as part of the Colorado Springs community. Sully, Matthew and even
Preston choose sides in unexpected ways. A "buddy episode" with some angst.

"Telegraph Road" by SoldierBlue
 (March 1874)
Brian would love to see it. Sully still doesn't like it. McKay is stuck with
it. Alison can't stand it. A slice of Army life up at Fort Skunk... er,
Lafayette. Jane Austen meets John Ford, with a touch of Jackie Collins.

"A Time to Forgive" by SoldierBlue
(October 1874)
Up in the Tongue River Valley, questions are answered and hearts
seek peace. A new life is about to begin. Psychological drama.

"To Be Continued..." by SoldierBlue
(February 1875)
A heiress dies in mysterious circumstances! A financial empire is
in danger! Unbridled passions shake the strongest hearts! And
the whole of Colorado Springs can't wait to know what happens next...

"Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs" by Pontmarie
There is more than turkey roasting in the oven this Thanksgiving in CS. Duchess
Catherine is back and Hank is at his wits end.

"A Time of Their Own" by Carola
A wonderful story about our couple spending some time alone together.

"A Time to Dance" by Becky H
Sully is presumed dead following his fall off a cliff. Michaela goes into
deep shock and mourning, only to find out he has left her pregnant.
When a stagecoach accident brings about an unexpected friendship with
Cal the driver, Michaela finds that feelings for Cal unexpectedly blossom.
An epic, moving story of love and loss, new hope and many surprises.

"Til the Day I Die" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "From a Distance")
After boarding the train to Denver from Boston, Sully and Michaela
embark on a journey of pain, healing and love with Albert and Lydia.

"Their Miracle" by Ashley J
Michaela and Sully anxiously await the birth of the child
they nearly lost. Alternate storyline.

"Things I Could Never Say" by Ashley J
The week before Katie Sully's wedding, she stumbles upon unread
love letters from her parents' past and begins to relive the amazing,
tumultuous journey of two soulmates. Upon doing so, she begins to
make discovers about herself.

"Through the Darkness" by Ashley J
After Michaela is physically and emotionally assaulted, she
must try to find herself again. Will her best friend Sully be
able to help her, or will she slip further into turmoil?

"To the Stars" by Ashley J
After becoming "re-acquainted" after 'Having it All,' Michaela and
Sully have a heart-to-heart and share a romantic dance.

"Touch" by Ashley J
Taking place during the Pilot episode, Michaela and Sully open up to
one another while camping at the Cheyenne reservation. This story
contains graphic sex between two consenting, unmarried adults.
Warning: This short story contains a graphic sexual encounter
between two consenting, engaged adults. If pre-marital
sex offends you, please turn back now.

"The Telegram" by Kruemi

"Ten Ought a Do It Fanfic Challenge" by Mullerakanat
Just a short romance story for the fanfic challenge.

"The Twin" by Linda4Him59
Sully and Michaela have a little fun and some shocking escapades as they try to improve
on the perfection of their relationship. Misunderstandings and confusion keep the reader
guessing. Read and enjoy laughter at their expense!

"The Three Steps" by Linda4Him59
Written for the March 2011 forum picture challenge. An alternate version of how Michaela
and Sully meet. Just a shorty.

"The Trap" by Linda4Him59
(A picture challenge)
This is AU. Ethan is Michaela's ex and he's no good. He comes back, up to no good and
Michaela's new husband Sully is jealous. But Michaela knows how to handle scoundrels.
When you see the pics it was written from, you'll understand.

"Town Without Heart" by Clarebear48
How would the town that Olive lived in treat her if she had a child out of wedlock.

"The True Father Christmas" by Clarebear48
Christmas challenge 2011 two pictures and two quotes. What will Sully
do to give Michaela her Christmas wish.

"The Trail of Light" by Malcolm Green
 Set after all seasons, movies, and after "Heart of the Earth." Surprise visitors....a
mysterious intruder....an astonishing occurrence....seemingly unlinked events which
become interlocked, leading different people to discover the truth for themselves,
by seeing things in their true light....

"The Train Ride Home" by Elizabeth Smith
Colleen and Andrew, alone in Denver? Not so fast! Bad things happen
to good people...especially on the train ride home!

"Tragic Misunderstandings" by Linda4Him59
This story begins differently than a story I would normally write. It was born from
two things, a comment by Joe himself, where he said his idea for a reunion movie
would be that M&S had 'grown apart,' divorced, and were living apart from each other.
That, of course, was unacceptable to me. But one day a comment was posted in a
thread about the second movie on the US forum, where a member mentioned that she
hated the end of the movie because it left us with a vision of an 'inconsolable Michaela.'
That struck a chord with me. If she was inconsolable...even beyond her wonderful
Sully's power to comfort her, then...

"That Sense of Foreboding" by Linda4Him59
This is a one shot, single chapter short story/missing scene from the episode Point Blank.
It always bugged me that Sully seemed oblivious to the fact that Michaela had been shot.
They had a spiritual connection! More than once, they proved that. He would have felt that
she was that badly hurt. So, this is my remedy for that omission.