Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
"Waving Goodbye" by Kimberly M

"Wedding Whispers" by Rachel
 Two very short stories and not ones I'm particularly pleased with,
I think they were for a challenge.

"When the Last Dance is Done" by Megan JP
(Sequel to "Tears of Past Pain")
Michaela spent six years living in fear and pain. Her life with William finally ended but
now she relives the terrible nightmare she lived for so long, and shares her pain with the
one man that she loved more than anything, but couldn't protect her. Michaela must
put her past to rest before she can live her life in the future.

"What If" by Pam Hunter
What would happen between Sully and Michaela if David was to return to Colorado Springs?

"When Paths Cross" by Pam Hunter
Michaela, Sully and Hank have to rely on their wits and trust in
each other if they are to survive the intentions of a madman.

"A Winter's Tale" by Annie
Creepy wintery one this time...

"When Darkness Falls" by Amber Stockton
When an accident causes Sully to lose his sight, he and Michaela must battle against the
strain their marriage takes while Michaela battles against time to find a way to heal him.
But the biggest battle of all is within Sully himself.

"The Wrath" by Saray Martinez
How can Sully win back Michaela after she finds out about
Catherine's kiss? How can Dr. Mike move on without Sully?

"When Love Matters Most" by Megan JP
(Sequel to "All These Years")
Michaela and Sully are expecting twins. Problems will soon arise for
Michaela as she progresses through her pregnancy. Her family wants
it all to be over and the two little ones finally born. They will have
happy and times through the nine months. It is when their love for
each other and for their family matters most.

"The Wish" by Annie
Sully has been secretly watching Michaela's window after dark...

"Wanton Woman" by Jennifer
Sully, a wanted man, is able to have a few stolen, passionate moments with his love.

"The Water Surrounded Me, Even to my Soul" by Anna Shepelev
What if Dr. Michaela Quinn had never arrived in Colorado Springs,
and Sully had been left with Charlotte Cooper's children?

"Washington Affair Continued" by Jennifer George
Michaela and Sully spend a train ride home from the nation's
capital battling their desire for one another.

"Where Are You?" by Aislinn E. Porter
After Sully fell of the cliff, Michaela is left a broken and defeated
woman. She gathers the strength to search for him. When his
spirit finally reaches her, she fears she may be to late to save him.

"What's in a Name" by Gail Gammell

"Why, It's Christmas" by Cathy Ellison
Michaela's welcome home party for Sully does not go as planned.

"Where We Belong" by Judith A
After nine years of marriage Michaela and Sully have drifted apart
as Sully struggles to define his place in the world. Can they find
their way back to their loving relationship?

"When You Need Me" by Anna Skylar
Sully learns that Cloud Dancing has become a wanted man after helping a group of
Cheyenne escape from a reservation, and sets out to warn him. But he is not the only one
who's out looking for Cloud Dancing...and little does he know that his want to help the
Cheyenne puts Michaela in a dangerous situation.

"Winds of Change" by Anna Skylar
Christmas is approaching and with it comes one change after the
other. Michaela's longing to have another child reawakens when the
family take an orphaned Cheyenne child into their care. Grace and
Robert E. are awaiting the birth of their baby and Daniel's sister
arrives in town, catching the interest of two of its male citizens.

"When One Path Ends" by Becky H
(Sequel to "The Least of These")
        After Elizabeth falls and breaks her hip, Michaela rushes
back to Boston. But Elizabeth's injuries are more serious than
anyone ever imagined. When Michaela makes a difficult choice,
it creates strife among her family that may never be repaired.

"The Wedding Jacket" by ClareBear48
The journey of the wedding jacket that Sully wore on his wedding day.

"When Comrades Fall" by Courtney M
Ever wonder how Sully and Wolf came to be together?
This short story replies to this question!

"Waiting" by SL Snyder
Waiting for the baby and the Bings enlarge their family.

"The Waltz" by SL Snyder
Sully and Michaela take a trip and more.

"The Wilderness" by SL Snyder
Sully and Brian's business and a favorite valley is named.

"With the Greatest of Ease" by Jewelianna
Sully's reaction to Michaela's trapeze outfit in "The Circus"
and to its reappearance some time later.

"When Fear Becomes Reality" by Rachel
This story explores the issue of a school shooting in Colorado
Springs. Most town characters are featured at some time.

"What's in a Corset" by The River Watcher
What was the real story behind the first time Sully helped Michaela out
of her corset? You know, the time that involved the Bandage Scissors!

"Wishing" by Rianne
My response to AJ's forum challenge of 'Missing Scene in Washita.'

"What's Past" by Debby K
Sully and Michaela fear for the life of their youngest child as a life threatening illness
hits. A visit by a man from Michaela's past complicates their ordeal.

"What Life Brings" by Debby K
The lives of Michaela and Sully are complicated by growing concerns
about her health. Then Sully develops a mysterious ailment which prompts
his wife to throw every ounce of her devotion into curing him, even to the
desperate point of utilizing experimental medicine. The story of the defeat of
the Nez Perce Indians is told, and the Reverend has a surprise for the town.

"Will of the Great Spirit" by Debby K
After meeting with Sitting Bull in Canada, Sully and Cloud Dancing return
home. On the trip, Sully sees something so a traumatic, he tries to repress the
experience and not talk about it. Hank and Lexie fear a potential problem
with Ilse. Loren faces a medical crises which requires a risky procedure.
Preston is plotting something.

"When Stars Collide" by SoldierBlue
 (1852 - 1873)
Seeing the wounded McKay on his threshold ("The Red Needle"), whom he had not met
since 1864, Colonel Marlowe is jolted back to a past even more remote and is inspired
to gather his loved ones for a new start at Fort Lafayette. Will his wife accept to stay
in a frontier post for once, and is his old friend really dying of consumption? Meanwhile,
each of them reminisces on the first months of their acquaintance in 1852, among
fashionable parties, rowdy nights and a kidnapping. (Note: this story takes place
chronologically here, but it is much more enjoyable if read after
"Indemnity", as it was written.)

"Westward Bound" by Becky H
Sully is offered a job in Yosemite and the whole family moves to California.

"World's Apart" by Becky H

"Walking After You" by Kruemi
A modern day story.

"What Life Has to Offer" by Kruemi
(Presented here all together as a novel.)

Part 1 - Abigail dies but Hannah lives. Sully runs away nevertheless. When Michaela comes
to CS, she takes care of Hannah. How will Sully react when he finally comes back?

Part 2 - Michaela and Sully know that they love each other. But will that be enough
for sharing their lives? And there is still Hannah, who needs both of them…

Part 3 - Michaela and Sully are engaged, but will their way really lead to marriage?
Will their unique love survive the attraction that their pasts still hold for them?

"What the Heart Wants" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "Breaking Point")
Two and a half years after the kidnapping, Michaela and Sully are still happily married,
have three beautiful children. But when a change at Sully's job occurs, will
the consequences tear the family apart forever?

"When the Bough Breaks" by Ashley J
(Sequel to "What the Heart Wants")
As Michaela and Sully prepare for the birth of their fourth child and the impact it will
have on their little family, another plan is set in motion that might change that forever.

"Without You" by Ashley J
Part 1 of the Without You series. With the birth of her child fast approaching, Michaela
must come to terms with thefact that Sully won't be there to see his baby born.

"Walk With Me" by Ashley J
What if Michaela had taken Sully up on his offer to go on a walk
after their night at the opera in Where the Heart Is?

"What Counts" by Ashley J
After Michaela arrives home from Boston and tells Sully she loves him,
the two take a little walk and talk about their feelings for one another.

"When the Sun Comes Up" by Ashley J
Another Bad Water rewrite centering around the morning after
Michaela and Sully fall asleep together in the rain.

"When You Weren't There" by Ashley J
Taking place somewhere during A Place Called Home, Michaela tries
to come to terms with the fact that she miscarried. When things get
out of hand, will Sully be able to save her from herself?

"Where I Want to Be" by Ashley J
Taking place between the end of the 4th season and the beginning of
the 5th, Michaela and Sully find it hard to say goodbye with little Katie
so young when Sully must go to Denver for a few days.

"Where There's a Will" by Ashley J
When a medical crisis brings the Sully family together, one member faces a crisis of faith
in herself, while the others wait and can only hope for the best.

"What Is Love Reprise" by Elizaellen
This short story follows Michaela and Sully as they enjoy a moonlight dinner after
the town's performance of Romeo and Juliet. in the episode "What is Love."

"What Can I Do?" by Mullerakanat
Just a little bit of fluff...

"The Wild Wild West"
by Laura Picken
(A Dr. Quinn - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover)
Blair falls asleep one night reading Andrew's Guide journal,
and starts having the strangest dream...

"What is Love - The Picnic" by Linda4Him59
This is a 'missing scene' that many of us wished the writers had included in the episode,
"What is Love." Michaela was so excited - and quite bold actually - about her plans to be
alone with Sully all day for Valentine's Day. This is my version of
how they found a way to steal away for that picnic to the waterfall.

"What to Do" by Wendymypooh
Colleen Cooper struggles to find something to do to help her ma.

"Will The Real Preston Stand Up?" by Clarebear48
A short story when Michaela had to treat Preston A Lodge III.
A small story with a Christmas end.

"A Winter's Tale" by Crazy C and Fann
As a storm rages outside, Daniel tells his wife of the past.
Read about Daniel and Sully's first meeting!

"Worth to be Remembered"
by Anna Shepelev
(A Dr. Quinn / Higher Ground Crossover)